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DJ Vlad Launches GoFundMe To Raise Money After Boosie Reveals He's Paid $500K a Year from VladTV - WhatsOnRap

DJ Vlad Launches GoFundMe After Boosie's $500K VladTV Claim

DJ Vlad's GoFundMe Saga Unfolds Amid Boosie's $500K VladTV Revelation
Renowned hip-hop interviewer DJ Vlad, founder of VladTV, has unexpectedly turned to GoFundMe following Boosie BadAzz's revelation of a staggering $500,000 annual earnings from appearances on Vlad's platform.

In a recent X (formerly Twitter) post, DJ Vlad expressed the financial strain caused by other regular guests demanding the same compensation, citing potential closure without support. He humorously urged assistance, stating, "Now that Boosie told The Breakfast Club that we pay him $500,000 a year to be on VladTV, all of our other regular guests want the same amount too so we can't afford to keep our lights on," Vlad wrote in his Twitter post. "We had no choice but to start a GoFundMe to avoid going out of business. Even $1 would help during a time like this. Please help."

The GoFundMe campaign, seemingly tongue-in-cheek, has a $500,000 goal. In a subsequent post, Vlad shared the initial $10 raised, emphasizing the long way to go and jokingly suggesting convincing Boosie to settle for $10 interviews.

Boosie disclosed his substantial earnings during a Breakfast Club interview, asserting he could make half a million dollars annually with Vlad, emphasizing the pivotal role Vlad plays in his career.

This move by DJ Vlad adds an unexpected twist to the ongoing dialogue surrounding podcast earnings, echoing Boosie's earlier claim of $40,000 per podcast episode in March. As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen whether the GoFundMe initiative is a genuine financial plea or a playful response to Boosie's revelations.

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