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Fat Joe Reveals Eminem Almost Wasn’t On “Lean Back” Remix

DJ Khaled's Impact: Eminem on "Lean Back" Remix & REWIND IT 10 with Fat Joe.
Fat Joe, one of the most respected rappers in the hip-hop community, has revealed that he got Eminem on the remix of his hit song "Lean Back" thanks to the encouragement of his friend and producer DJ Khaled.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Fat Joe said that he was working on the remix in Khaled's studio when he mentioned to him that he would love to have Eminem on the track. Khaled immediately responded, "You can get Em."

Fat Joe was hesitant at first, but Khaled convinced him to go for it. "He told me, 'You could get Em,'" Fat Joe recalled. "And I went all out and I got Eminem because Khaled had pushed me to."

Fat Joe and DJ Khaled have been friends for many years, and they have collaborated on many songs together. They recently teamed up to launch a new business called REWIND IT 10, which sells hair coloring kits for men who want to look younger.

To promote the product, Fat Joe and DJ Khaled released a video on Instagram. Fat Joe's video was simple, showing different shades of celebrity men with the song "All the Way Up" playing in the background. DJ Khaled's video, on the other hand, was more energetic and enthusiastic.

"Why fight the time, when you can, rewind the time!" Khaled said in his best salesman voice. "Why fight the time when you can rewind the time. Why fight the time when you can just rewind the time! Why fight the time when you can rewind the time."

Fat Joe and DJ Khaled's friendship is a testament to the power of support and encouragement. Khaled's belief in Fat Joe helped him to achieve his goal of getting Eminem on "Lean Back," and their new business venture is a reflection of their shared desire to help men look and feel their best.

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