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Soulja Boy Fires Back To J. Cole's Mention on Lil Yachty's Podcast

J. Cole Acknowledges Soulja Boy's Influence, Prompting Response from the Artist
During a recent episode of Lil Yachty's A Safe Place podcast, J. Cole delved into his musical influences, revealing a candid perspective on Soulja Boy's impact. Initially, Cole admitted he wasn't an immediate fan, prompting some self-reflection. 

He recalled thinking, "You know you like this sh*t, actually..." He advised himself to take a step back and recognize the talent and unique understanding that artists like Soulja Boy possessed.
Responding to J. Cole's comments, Soulja Boy took to Twitter to express his feelings, urging Cole not to mention him in discussions. He emphasized that he stands apart from other artists like Lil Pump or Drake. The nature of Soulja Boy's response left fans somewhat puzzled, as J. Cole's remarks appeared to be both respectful and appreciative.

This instance isn't the first time Soulja Boy has reacted strongly to comments about him. Just last month, he addressed remarks from rapper Chinese Kitty who claimed she was "forced" to listen to his music due to her son's fandom. Soulja Boy vehemently defended his music, asserting that no one should feel obligated to listen to it.

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