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Joe Budden Said He Got Punched After Rumors He Got Jumped in a Club

Joe Budden Sets the Record Straight: One Punch, Not a Jump
Rumors have been circulating about an incident involving Joe Budden at a strip club over the weekend, and he took the opportunity to set the record straight during a recent live stream. Shedding light on the situation, Budden clarified that while there was indeed an altercation, the term "jumped" might be a bit of an overstatement.
He recounted, "N***a cocked back and socked me one good time," providing his perspective on the incident. He went on to explain that an individual approached him from behind and managed to deliver one blow. According to Budden, the punch didn't pack much force, resulting in minimal damage. He humorously described the slippery floor as they grappled, partly due to his choice of footwear, a pair of Uggs that lacked traction.
The identity of the assailant remains uncertain. Initial speculations pointed towards Cesar Pina and his associates, but Budden's associate took to Twitter to dispel those claims. Budden has been vocal about Pina and DJ Envy's real estate scandal, which led to an unexpected confrontation with Pina's brother. Tony "The Closer" Robinson asserted that Budden had made it clear that it "had nothing to do with Cesar and his people."

Fortuitously, during the live stream, Budden appeared to be in good health, showing no visible signs of bruising or injuries. Nevertheless, fans are still curious about the events that led to the altercation, the parties involved, and more.

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