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Kai Cenat Surprised by Blueface's Feelings, Expresses Disbelief

Kai Cenat's Shocking Discovery: Blueface Doesn't Like Him
Kai Cenat was broadcasting live when he received a recent clip from Jason Lee featuring Chrisean Rock stating that Blueface isn't in good terms with him. Cenat's reaction was nothing short of astonishment. “Yoooo! Dude! Blueface! He said he don’t f-ck with me! What the f-ck? Why he say f-ck me for? What the f-ck? Damn, Blue, that’s tough. Damn my n-gga, damn bruh. That’s tough my n-gga," Cenat expressed in disbelief.

However, the discussion didn't end there. Later, Cenat found himself humming along to Rock's single, "Vibe". He circled back to the matter at hand. “Why Blueface say f-ck me for? Nah, Blueface dead don’t f-ck with a young n-gga. But it’s like bruh, if you don’t f-ck with me, then you don’t f-ck with the mafia, bruh. And you don’t want to NOT f-ck with the mafia, ‘cause if the mafia don’t f-ck with you, then the mafia gon’ f-cking… It’s like you being somewhat trapped. If you don’t f-ck with the mafia, bruh, it’s over after that. No cap," Cenat explained to his crew.

Rock's conversation with Jason Lee isn't her only recent interaction with Cenat. She also joined his recent weeklong prison roleplay stream for a while. During her time there, Rock didn't shy away from her signature provocative behavior. "Hey y'all, you like my new teeth? They turn you on? Wait till you see them on your d-ck!"Rock exclaimed before sucking her thumb suggestively as Cenat watched on in disbelief.

Naturally, the entire stream was packed with intense moments, and not just from Rock. On the final full day of the stream, things took a more serious turn. A scuffle broke out in the cafeteria, and an unidentified participant sustained a head injury while trying to escape the fight. As he retreated, he slipped and collided with a wall, momentarily going limp. 

Although he did seem to regain consciousness shortly after, it was a rather frightening moment. As he was assisted away, onlookers noticed a visible hole in the plaster where the man had impacted. Moreover, all the roleplaying paused as people gathered around to ensure he was okay. Initially identified as Tee Grizzly, that report has since been debunked.

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