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Chrisean Rock Reveals Blueface Mad At Celebrities For Showing Her Love

Chrisean Rock Reveals Rappers Blueface Was Upset About for Showing Interest

The ongoing feud between Chrisean Rock and Blueface shows no signs of abating. This time, Chrisean has brought several prominent rappers, including Drake, into the mix, claiming that Blueface grew upset with her for their displays of affection.

Taking to X on Saturday (Nov. 4), Chrisean Rock published a list of rappers she asserted had incurred Blueface's displeasure by expressing interest in her. The post has since been deleted, but among the rappers she mentioned were: "Drake -cuz he followed me. Lil Baby - cuz he called me. ...Kevin Gates - showed love. Rick Ross -cuz he took a picture of us n put on his story."

While the motive behind her post remains unclear, Chrisean went a step further by reposting DJ Akademiks' tweets from February 2023 to support her claims of Blueface's controlling and abusive behavior.

"I'm still mad Blueface went thru Chrisean Rock purse to steal her phone, ran to the bathroom locked it.. guessed her code... and then tried to text Lil Baby off her phone.. n***a instead of worrying bout him saved as 'Big Brother' in her phone.. ask for a verse n***a.. u need it,"

"Blueface said he being a manager to Chrisean Rock by exposing every n***a who hit her up... Chrisean Rock iQ gotta be under 60 if she let that n***a tell her that and she believe it.. N***a drake ross and baby aint gonna keep hitting u up after gettin embarrassed by a jealous bf," he continued.

"Blueface really a hater for his girl... Ur girl who sucks at music but trying anyways..gets followed by Drake.. u immediately hate & say he infatuated w/ u Rick Ross takes a pic - u pissed asf[.] Lil Baby gives her his # - u expose messages. N***a just say u wanna control her," added Ak in the dated tweet.

It seems Blueface caught wind of Chrisean's comments and refuted her assertions that he is possessive and jealous in relationships. In a series of tweets, the Los Angeles rapper highlighted his achievements as Jaidyn Alexis' manager and dismissed Chrisean's claims.

"Name all the Celebs you've notice playing Jaidyn music... [I'll] go first Wiz khalifa, Ari fletcher, Young Miami, Saucy Santana, Bia, Chloe [Bailey], Jayda Wayda, Natalie Nunn... Who am I missing?" he wrote in one post below. "So this is a competition?"

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