Kodak Black Said He Wanted To Audition For Disney's 'Shake It Up' So He Could “Push Up On Zendaya” - WhatsOnRap

Kodak Black's Childhood Dream, Auditioning for Disney's 'Shake It Up' to Impress Zendaya

Before he became a prominent figure in rap, Kodak Black had dreams of gracing television screens. During a recent chat with HipHopDX at the One Music Festival, the rapper opened up about his early aspirations in the world of television. Many may remember a viral video of a young Kodak excitedly announcing his audition for a Nickelodeon show. 

However, Kodak revealed that he didn't actually try out for Nickelodeon; instead, he aimed for Disney, all in the hopes of meeting Zendaya. "I never did [audition for Nick]," he disclosed. "I wanted to audition for Shake It Up so I could push up on Zendaya."

Clearly, fate had other plans for Kodak Black in the long run. Nevertheless, the video provided a glimpse into Kodak's childhood. While it's uncertain when the footage was shot, Kodak looks as youthful as ever. "Yeah, auditioning with Nickelodeon ’cause you know a new show coming out, feel me," he confidently stated. "Just, just stay tuned. I’m gon’ be on there. I know how to act." It's evident that the universe had different paths in mind for him, though he appears eager for a chance to explore Hollywood further.

Apart from his acting aspirations, Kodak Black found himself in a bit of controversy following his appearance on Drink Champs. He received criticism from 21 Savage for his comments on the podcast, where he accused the ATL rapper of "switching up" on him. Savage fired back, suggesting that Kodak seemed envious of his success and was prolonging any existing tension with public remarks.

Furthermore, Kodak Black has been engaged in a back-and-forth with Ray J, who voiced his concerns about the interview. Ray J recalled bringing the Florida rapper to Mar-A-Lago to meet Trump. However, he felt Kodak went overboard during the trip. While Ray J had hoped to offer some assistance, Kodak Black retorted with a strong rebuttal. Ray J then proposed settling their differences through a physical altercation in the streets.

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