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Charleston White Claims Lil Durk Snitched On King Von, Sparking Controversy and Speculation

Lil Durk Faces Renewed Controversy Over King Von Snitching Allegations
Controversial statements made by Charleston White have reignited rumors surrounding Lil Durk and the late King Von, despite previous denials by Durk. White, known for his provocative online remarks, alleged in a viral interview that Durk had snitched on King Von.

White asserted, "He [Von] was killed tryna harm a n-gga smaller than him! And we gon’ shame Timmy? We don’t shame Durk! Durk beat the case, and puttin’ it on Von! Snitched on his dead potna! C’mon my n-gga! See, Durk wasn’t no killer! Von was!"

He continued, "Rest of them n-ggas wasn’t. They’re singin’ and rappin’. The rest of these n-ggas that singin’ and rappin’ wasn’t no killers! We know for a fact he was. We all know for a fact that the reason King Von was released from jail to become a big star was because the witnesses turned up dead."

White seemed to refer to an incident in 2019 when Durk turned himself in after a warrant was issued for his arrest in connection with a February 2019 shooting outside an Atlanta restaurant. Both Durk and King Von faced charges, including criminal attempt to commit m*rder and aggravated ass*ult. However, the charges were dropped on October 22 of that year, citing "prosecutorial discretion."

In a Dismissal of Charges Motion from Georgia’s Superior Court of Fulton County, District Attorney Fani Willis stated, "The facts of this case have been reviewed, and although it appears that probable cause existed for the defendant’s arrest, the decision of the District Attorney at this time is not to prosecute." The resurfacing of these claims has once again stirred controversy around Lil Durk's legal history and his association with King Von.

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