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Eminem Releases “The Marshall Mathers LP2” Expanded Edition

Eminem Marks 10th Anniversary of 'The Marshall Mathers LP2' with Extended Edition
Eminem's iconic album, "The Marshall Mathers LP2," marked its 10th anniversary with a special treat for fans: an extended version. Released on November 5, 2013, the album has been reintroduced with some exciting additions.

The digital release kicked off in New Zealand, making its way to eager audiences worldwide. Even if you're not diving into the new tracks just yet, taking a peek at the updated tracklist is a worthwhile endeavor.

Check out Eminem's 'The Marshall Mathers LP2' 10th Anniversary Expanded Edition below:

Upon closer examination, it's clear that the new version doesn't bring a revolutionary overhaul. While it features fresh cover art and a handful of instrumental tracks, numbers 1 through 22 are familiar from the previous MMLP2 Deluxe release in 2013. 

The 22nd track, "Don't Front" featuring Buckshot, is a welcome addition for Em's dedicated fans, especially as it hadn't been available on streaming platforms before. Additionally, instrumental versions of hits like "Survival," "Berzerk," "The Monster," "Rap God," and "Highlights" offer an extra layer of enjoyment for his followers.

That said, some fans find themselves wishing for more. They're hoping for a deeper engagement on classic albums, perhaps with unreleased materials or meaningful discussions surrounding these musical milestones.

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