Kodak Black Old Artist & Tallahassee Rapper NFL Tuewop Reportedly Kil*ed in Fatal Sh**ting in Florida - WhatsOnRap

NFL TueWop, Known For Collaborating With Kodak Black, Tragically Lost His Life In a Sh**ting Incident in Florida

Tragic Loss: Rapper NFL TueWop Falls Victim to Gun Violence in Hometown
In a heartbreaking reflection of Takeoff's tragic loss to g-n violence, the hip-hop community mourns yet another artist. Reports circulating on Saturday (November 4) suggest that Tallahassee's NFL TueWop has also fallen victim to senseless gun violence in his hometown. While details remain scarce, this loss is a stark reminder of the urgent need for change.
NFL TueWop rose to prominence with his notable collaboration with Kodak Black on the 2022 release "Ammunition," part of the acclaimed Kutthroat Bill: Vol. 1 album. The track has garnered over 1.5 million streams on Spotify, showcasing TueWop's undeniable talent. 

Throughout 2022, he made his mark with a five-track EP titled Last Soulja's Left, followed by the single "FreeTrappa." Prior to this tragedy, he dropped tracks like "Ruff N Rugged," "Kut That Bricc" alongside GoldenBoy CountUp, and a compact yet explosively impactful EP.

July saw the release of TueWop's seven-track album, a testament to his collaborative spirit as he worked with artists like Dufflebagshotz, ProfessorGeek23, JakeJhitt8x, and Zaybostunna. Beyond his musical contributions, TueWop was known for exposing alleged misconduct within the industry, notably involving Real Boston Richey.

This revelation sparked tensions between them, though it remains uncertain if this played any role in TueWop's untimely passing. Investigators will undoubtedly explore all leads in the coming weeks.

Concerns have swirled around Kodak Black's well-being in recent months, intensifying after his appearance on Drink Champs. While he reassures his followers on social media, the news of NFL TueWop's tragic departure adds another layer of worry for his devoted fanbase.

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