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North West’s Response When Asked What She Thinks About Her Mom's Work

Kim Kardashian Learns Valuable Parenting Lessons from Daughter North West
In a candid moment captured on the latest episode of the Hulu reality series "The Kardashians," Kim Kardashian opened up to her sister Kourtney about her eldest child's preferences. It's clear that North, at 10 years old, feels a strong connection to her dad's home.

The episode showcases a heartwarming scene of Kim, 42, and North bonding over a culinary adventure in their kitchen. Together, they embark on the delightful task of creating sushi and fried chicken, a testament to the special moments they share.

During the episode, there's a delightful yet unexpected twist when North fearlessly takes a bold bite out of an unpeeled sweet onion. It's a snapshot of her adventurous spirit and willingness to dive headfirst into new experiences.
In a brief but insightful exchange, a producer probes North about her thoughts on her mom's work. The innocent response, "What does she do?", reveals a charming blend of youthful innocence and a genuine desire to understand her mother's world.

Later in the episode, North imparts some valuable wisdom to her mom, suggesting that there are things she could learn from her dad, Ye. She admires the simplicity and authenticity of her dad's lifestyle, praising his self-sufficiency without the need for nannies, chefs, or extensive security.

Kim reflects on these conversations, sharing moments where North has expressed her admiration for her dad's living situation. North's candid remarks about their shared cooking sessions evoke a mix of amusement and affection from Kim. These moments of domesticity hold a special place in their father-daughter bond.

Kourtney, no stranger to co-parenting, chimes in, offering relatable insights about her own experiences with her ex, Scott Disick. She highlights how kids often draw comparisons between their parents' homes, noting the nuanced dynamics of involvement and influence.

In the aftermath of her chat with Kourtney, Kim makes a concerted effort to spend quality one-on-one time with her eldest, emphasizing the importance of individual connections. She also acknowledges Kourtney's invaluable role as a guiding force in her parenting journey, particularly with North. It's a touching revelation that underscores the profound lessons and patience that parenthood imparts.

Ultimately, North's candid observations serve as a reminder that children are perceptive and deeply influenced by the environments they inhabit. Through these moments, Kim continues to navigate the intricate tapestry of motherhood, cherishing the wisdom gleaned from her eldest daughter along the way.

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