Soulja Boy Admits He Wanted To Cry When Snoop Dogg Said His Music Sucks: " My Idol Telling Me Telling Me That I Suck!" - WhatsOnRap

Soulja Boy Reflects on How Snoop Dogg's Initial Critique 'Hurt His Soul'

Soulja Boy Recalls How Snoop Dogg's Critique Affected Him, Reflects on Reconciliation
In a recent live stream, Soulja Boy candidly shared how receiving critical feedback from one of his idols profoundly affected him. He recounted how Snoop Dogg, an artist he greatly admired, had some less-than-flattering remarks about his 2007 hit, "Crank That." Soulja Boy revealed that at the time, being on the receiving end of such comments from someone he looked up to was truly disheartening.
"I love f*ckin' Snoop Dogg, to this day," Soulja Boy began. "When I first came out he was like 'Crank That? What is that bullsh*t...'" Unfortunately, the criticism weighed heavy on him at the time, though they've since made amends. "N***a that hurt my f*cking soul, I wanted to cry," he revealed. "I was 17 at the time so I'm like, 'this is my f*cking idol f*ckin' telling me that I suck.'"

However, their relationship took a turn for the better when they finally met in person. Snoop Dogg took the opportunity to apologize for his earlier harsh words. Soulja Boy recalled, "I met Snoop Dogg in person and he was like 'man, my bad,'" The Chicago native went on to share that Snoop Dogg mentioned he simply didn't "get" the song back when it was released. Thankfully, over time, the track grew on him.

While Soulja Boy was able to forgive Snoop Dogg for his initial criticism of "Crank That," he didn't hold back when responding to Chinese Kitty's recent diss of his music. After she mentioned feeling "forced" to listen to his music due to her son's fandom, Soulja Boy fired back, expressing his frustration,"F*ck all of y'all, man. Y'all always trying to shade me, for what? I ain't do nothing but show you h*es love," 

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