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Action Bronson's Unforgettable Encounter with Eminem Backstage at Leeds Festival Revealed on FLAGRANT Podcast

Action Bronson recently shared intriguing insights during his appearance on the FLAGRANT podcast, delving into various aspects of his multifaceted life. The New York-born rapper, known for both his musical prowess and culinary adventures, opened up about creating captivating music, his love for food, experiences with women and cars, his Albanian roots, and the memorable moments of touring with Eminem.

Reflecting on the surreal experience of touring with Eminem, Action Bronson painted a vivid picture of those early days when success was on the horizon for artists like himself, Kendrick, and J. Cole. "What was touring with Eminem looked like? I was f–king bugged out. It was insane. It was me, Kendrick, J. Cole and Eminem. And this was like, before anyone really popped off like that. I didn’t have an album out but Paul Rosenberg and Em, they brought me along," shared the rapper.

Recounting the monumental performances in South Africa, Action Bronson marveled at the massive crowds he faced alongside Eminem. "I performed in front of 35,000 people in South Africa with him. 55,000 thousand in Johannesburg. 35,000 in Cape Town," he reminisced.

Describing the camaraderie among the artists on tour, Bronson emphasized that it wasn't the typical tour-bus scenario. Each artist had their own space, but the real magic happened at the venues where everyone converged. "These guys are very normal guys. I can’t really pinpoint conversations; everyone just talks s–t," he explained.

Action Bronson then shared a memorable encounter with Eminem during the Reading and Leeds Festival in Leeds. "You know, you have to be summoned to meet him. He asked for me, they brought me. He was standing as I’m walking, there were three guys standing, his back’s to me, he turns his head slightly, the f–king shine of the light just tickles his chick, all you see is his side profile," Bronson vividly described. "I thought he was going to make a full turn, but he just went back that way. And then I say what’s up, and it was just normal. And he made me a plate with some English food."

Action Bronson's journey with Eminem not only showcased the exhilarating highs of performing for massive audiences but also highlighted the down-to-earth nature of the artists behind the scenes, creating lasting memories and connections in the world of music.

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