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Offset Denies Allegations of Involvement with Chrisean Rock Following Blueface's Accusations

Offset Responds Amid Blueface's Drama with Chrisean Rock's Tattoo Removal
In the midst of unfolding drama, Blueface pulls Offset into his bweef with Chrisean Rock, prompting a response from the former Migos rapper.

It appears that Chrisean Rock has decided to part ways with Blueface for good, initiating the painful process of removing tattoos bearing his images and name from her body.

On a Sunday, Rock disclosed that she concealed the initial tattoo, an extensive portrayal of Blueface on her neck, extending down to the décolleté area. The tattoo featured Blueface's face, hand, and hair reaching up to her neck. In a revelation on Saturday night, Rock shared that a team had been over to cover the tattoo during the night.

Hours later, she unveiled what seemed to be a rose cover-up along with the name of her son, Chrisean Jesus Malone Jr., on her chest area. In a heartfelt caption, she expressed her pride and gratitude for the transformation, thanking the tattoo artist for making it happen.
In a preceding video, Chrisean Rock shared insights into the process, revealing that several individuals were at her house, setting up a table and equipment for the tattoo artists to work.

During the cover-up, the tattoo artist suggested a "black rose," but Chrisean insisted on a cross, expressing her desires in colorful language.

Chrisean now has five more tattoos to remove, some of which are situated on her pubic area, face, and other body parts. Meanwhile, Blueface responded to the tattoo removal with an explosive accusation, claiming that Chrisean slept with Offset, Cardi B's husband, a few weeks ago.

In a tweet, Blueface urged Chrisean to remove the tattoos swiftly, adding a bombshell to his claim. Offset swiftly responded, denying any involvement with Chrisean and suggesting that Blueface needs help. However, Blueface countered with a specific date and time for the alleged incident.
Blueface's mother also joined the fray, supporting her son's claims and inviting others to witness the unfolding online circus.

Chrisean Rock responded to Blueface's allegations, asserting that she discovered gay porn in his recent search history, providing a reason for the tattoo removal. She clarified that her decision was not about judgment but rather her discomfort with having a representation of someone with such inclinations on her neck. Blueface persisted in his accusations against Offset, reiterating the alleged date and time of the incident.

Additionally, Blueface refuted claims that he was attempting to pursue a romantic relationship with NLE Choppa's baby momma, asserting that their interactions only involved discussions related to Choppa being her baby's father. The ongoing drama continues to unfold, with each party standing firm on their claims and responses.

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