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Chrisean Rock Covers Up Blueface Neck Tattoo With a Rose

Chrisean Rock's Emotional Journey From Transforming Blueface Tattoos into Symbols of Renewal
Chrisean Rock, a reality star, has taken a significant step in her personal journey by covering up her Blueface neck tattoo with a meaningful rose design, coupled with her newborn son's name. This Sunday, she shared a video on her Instagram, capturing the emotional moment of the transformation.

In the footage, Chrisean lies back in a chair as a skilled tattoo artist delicately crafts a large rose, artfully concealing the Blueface tattoo on her neck. 

Adding a heartfelt touch, the artist outlines and tattoos her newborn son's name, Chrisean Jesus Malone, Jr., on her chest. The unveiling showcases a stunning piece of art, a large rose with her son's name underneath.

Chrisean expressed her feelings in the caption, stating that this tattoo marks the initial step in distancing herself from Blueface romantically. She mentions having 2-3 more sessions to complete the transformation.

"I'm taking my first step into my new chapter [loudly crying emoji] @lakimii_tattoo. I got 2-3 more sessions." It's revealed that Chrisean currently has seven tattoos dedicated to her ex-boyfriend.