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Blueface Claims DNA Test Shows He Is Not Chrisean Rock’s Baby Father

Blueface's Paternity Twist: DNA Test Reveals He's Not the Father of Chrisean Rock's Child Amid Ongoing Drama.
Amidst the ongoing drama in Blueface and Chrisean Rock's co-parenting saga, the plot thickens as Blueface asserts he is not the biological father of their child. The Los Angeles rapper took to Twitter to reveal the surprising news, citing the results of a DNA test.

In the early hours of Saturday, December 9, the 26-year-old artist shared his revelation, expressing a mix of emotions. He conveyed a sense of relief at the confirmation that he is not the father, despite initially contemplating the possibility. Blueface credited divine intervention, thanking Jesus for what he referred to as a "bitter-sweet feeling." "I can’t even pretend like I'm not happy as hell," Blueface added.

The public spectacle of their relationship reached new heights recently when Blueface's fiancée, Jaidyn Alexis, joined forces with Chrisean Rock to vandalize his residence. This unexpected collaboration came after a series of disputes and followed the revelation that Blueface had been co-parenting a child with both women.

The rapper took to social media, showcasing the aftermath of the incident and expressing his dismay at the destruction caused by the duo. The drama unfolded on Chrisean's Instagram Live, capturing Blueface's reactions to the damaged property and the heated exchange between the former couple.

As the saga continues, Blueface's declaration of non-paternity introduces a new twist to their tumultuous relationship, leaving fans and followers intrigued about the next chapter in this unfolding narrative.

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