Blueface and His Son Get Stuck in Elevator at Home Recently Purchased for Jaidyn Alexis: "That’s a Real Life Rich Problem" | WhatsOnRap

Blueface and His Son Get Stuck in Elevator in New Home Gift For Jaidyn Alexis During Christmas 

Blueface and Son's Elevator Mishap at Christmas Gift Home

Blueface recently found himself in an unexpected holiday situation as he and his son got stuck in the elevator of the lavish home he had just gifted to his fiancée, Jaidyn Alexis.

On the evening of December 25, Blueface took to X, previously known as Twitter, to share a video clip featuring himself and his son, Javaughn. In the footage, the duo enters the elevator, pressing the button for the fourth floor.

"I'm going to the fourth floor," declares Javaughn to Blueface. Despite a few clicking noises, the elevator fails to ascend. After a brief pause, Blueface attempts to push the button again. "I think we are stuck," observes Javaughn.

Captioning the video, Blueface humorously writes, "This is what I got my baby mama for Christmas, and we're not even together. What did your baby daddy get you?" He follows up with another post stating, "We're stuck in the elevator at my baby mama's house; that's a real-life rich problem."

This incident comes on the heels of Blueface's revelation on December 22 that he had purchased a four-story home for Jaidyn Alexis as a Christmas present.

"New house for the fam," shares Blueface in a video. "On behalf of Blueface, man. It's my Christmas present to Jaidyn Alexis. She deserves it. The house is damn-near nicer than mine."

This extravagant gift follows a tumultuous period in Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis' relationship, marked by turmoil when she connected with Blueface's ex, Chrisean Rock. The two women were involved in an incident where they vandalized Blueface's home. Blueface later disclosed that he proposed to Jaidyn Alexis solely to bring her happiness.

The elevator mishap, while comical, adds a touch of reality to the rapper's affluent lifestyle, offering a glimpse into the challenges that come with luxury living.

This entertaining episode is just one in the series of events surrounding Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis, showcasing the highs and lows of their relationship amid the backdrop of luxury and fame.

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