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Busta Rhymes Lists His Top Greatest Rappers Ever, Featuring Eminem

Busta Rhymes Reveals Top 5 Greatest Rappers, Eminem Makes the Cut
During his recent tour across the UK alongside 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes took a detour into the world of press, engaging in podcasts, radio shows, and interviews with British journalists. In the midst of these conversations, the legendary rapper was confronted with the challenging task of unveiling his most revered figures in the rap game.

The inquiry came during an episode of the +44 Podcast, where Busta, in his characteristic animated style, grappled with the question of the greatest rapper ever, excluding himself from the contenders. Initially reluctant to narrow it down to just one, he eventually agreed to disclose his Top 3, which swiftly expanded to a Top 5.

"Rakim. Now, you might disagree, but Nas. It's tough to settle on just three; I can give you five. Eminem, for sure. I'm also starting to see some of the new guys making their way onto that list. J.Cole is a strong contender. However, I'm still torn between him and Kendrick."
While delving into the merits of J.Cole and Kendrick with the hosts, Busta Rhymes found himself gravitating back to the luminaries of the older generation:

"I haven't even placed either of them in the fourth spot yet! Jay-Z, without a doubt. I'm biased towards Biggie. The impact he made with just two albums… Everyone else has had the luxury of a much longer career, and they still can't surpass what he achieved in those two albums. That's my list." 
This isn't the first time Busta Rhymes has showered Eminem with praise. He previously bestowed the same accolade on Em when commending the release of "Music to Be Murdered By." Reflecting on the profound influence young Slim Shady had on him in the early days, Busta shared his admiration:

"Em is undeniably one of my favorite MCs ever. We've collaborated on multiple records, and even on his latest album, 'Music to Be Murdered By,' the track 'Yah Yah' sampled my vocals from 'Woo Hah!! Got You All In Check.' He's an incredible artist! Wyclef Jean was the first person to play 'My Name Is' for me before it even dropped. We were on tour together, and he had a six-song EP from Eminem. When we played 'My Name Is,' I couldn't believe it. I got so hyped on his bus that I accidentally shattered his windshield with my head! Em's lyrics were mind-blowing, and Dre's production was unparalleled – nothing like it existed in the whole game at that time."

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