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Cardi B Goes Off On Her Fans For Believing Rumors About Her And Offset Getting Back Together

Cardi B's Explosive Rant: Unveiling the Fervor Behind Her Reaction to Persistent Reconciliation Rumors with Offset.

Cardi B erupted a fiery rant, addressing false rumors propagated by her own fan base regarding a reconciliation with Offset.

Taking to her X account, during a live rant on December 29, Cardi B expressed frustration at persistent rumors and asserted she never confirmed reuniting with Offset. In an animated audio clip, she exclaimed, "Did I confirm anything? Shut the fk up. I’m about to delete my whole fking social media ’cause y’all don’t shut the fk up. And it’s the same fking dumb... my own fking fan base. The last time I got dragged, was ’cause my own fking fan base. I don’t see nobody talking st but my own fking fan base."
Continuing with intensity, Cardi emphasized, "Did I confirm all this with my man? No. So, why the fk you keep talking? Leave me the fk alone. I’m about to fking unfollow all of y’all ’cause that’s all I see. I’m searching my name, I’m trying to see anybody else talking st. Nobody else talking st but y’all. So shut the fk up. Did y’all hear that I’m back with a n***a out my mouth? No."

Despite previously confirming her split from Offset on December 10, Cardi B found herself combating rumors of reconciliation. In a video shared on social media, she disclosed her single status, expressing a desire for a fresh start in 2024. However, the speculation persisted, leading to Cardi's explicit denial and subsequent frustration.

The tumultuous relationship was marked by a candid video where Cardi B berated Offset. Despite spending Christmas together and attending Travis Scott's New Jersey show, Cardi remains steadfast in refuting reunion rumors. In her latest outburst, she addresses the persistent gossip and reiterates her commitment to a new beginning. As the saga unfolds, Cardi B's candid moments continue to captivate her audience.

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