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DJ Akademiks Fires Back with Insightful Response To Dr. Umar's Critique About Eminem

DJ Akademiks Responds to Dr. Umar on Eminem: Navigating Hip-Hop Debates and Cultural Impact.

In a recent Twitch livestream, DJ Akademiks addressed Dr. Umar's comments on the Joe Budden Podcast, where Umar questioned Eminem's eligibility as one of the greatest rappers due to his race. Akademiks strongly disagreed with Umar's stance, emphasizing that while Eminem may not be the most impactful or influential in a cultural context rooted in black culture, he could still be considered the best at the skill of rapping.

Akademiks delved into the analogy of golf, a sport often associated with white culture. He argued that just as Tiger Woods is acknowledged as the best in golfing skill, irrespective of cultural origins, Eminem's prowess in rapping should be evaluated solely on his skill, regardless of race or background.

The commentator highlighted the distinction between being the best rapper and the most impactful or important in terms of cultural influence. He acknowledged figures like 2Pac for their significant impact on rap as a form of rebellion and activism. However, Akademiks maintained that when focusing solely on the skill of rapping, Eminem's abilities couldn't be discounted.

"Now, if someone said Eminem is the most impactful rapper or he is the most important rapper, no, clearly not. I do believe that, when we start talking about rappers that have had the cultural impact, this is why I give 2Pac a lot of praise, in the sense of what rap stood for rebellion and revolutionaries, I do think he embodied some of that and I do believe the music he made and the movement he had and his career and life has transcended even beyond his death and influenced other people of other times to use music in a way to stand up for the things. And I think that’s where the greatest hip-hop artist of all time that matters. But if we are only talk about the skill of rapping, no.

Continuing with the golf analogy, Akademiks emphasized that if golf, traditionally associated with white culture, could recognize talent regardless of racial background, the same principle should apply to rap. The essence, according to Akademiks, lies in the skill set rather than cultural affiliations.

DJ Akademiks reiterated that opinions about Eminem being the best rapper should be respected, emphasizing the importance of distinguishing between the skill of rapping and the broader cultural impact within the realm of hip-hop. 

This nuanced perspective encourages a more inclusive evaluation of talent, acknowledging Eminem's proficiency in the art of rapping while recognizing the broader cultural influences that shape the landscape of hip-hop.

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