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Drake's Response to Receiving a 20-Cent Tip on Live Stream

Drake's Livestream Revelations: Gratitude, Critiques, and a 20-Cent Donation - Unveiling the Complex Dynamics in His Music Journey
In a recent livestream hosted by Stake, Drake took a moment to express profound gratitude for the unwavering support from his fans throughout 2023 and also took a moment to address those who criticize him.

Amidst the generosity of giving away $1 million to viewers, Drake shared, “I wanna start off by thanking each and every one of you. What an incredible year. Thank you for all the love [and] all the support. Anybody that listened, anybody that streamed, anybody that commented, debated, defended, offended. I love making music for all of you, and I love the relationship we have.”
However, Drake's tone shifted as he turned his attention to his detractors. The artist expressed, “To the rest of you — the non-believers, the underachievers, the tweet and deleters — you guys make me sick to my stomach, fam. Look at my eyes. You guys wanna do something? That’s what I thought.”

This statement from the Toronto native came in the wake of Metro Boomin's now-deleted tweet comparing HEROES & VILLIANS to Her Loss. The producer claimed that despite his sophomore album reportedly achieving more streams, it wasn't being recognized in award shows due to politics.

In what seemed like a response, Drake quoted lyrics from JAY-Z’s “Heart of the City (Ain’t No Love)” on his Instagram Story, reading, “Damn, little mans, I’m just tryin’ to do me/ If the record’s two mil’, I’m just tryin’ to move three.” Notably, Drake also unfollowed Metro on the social media platform.

Despite this tension, it's worth noting that Metro has produced for Drake in the past, including on Her Loss, and is credited for contributing to “More M’s.”

Adding a lighter moment to the livestream, the Grammy winner graciously acknowledged a small donation from a viewer, saying, “Thank you for the 20-cent tip, [donator’s username], appreciate that. That’ll go to a good cause.”

Looking ahead to 2024, Drake is gearing up for his “It’s All A Blur Tour – Big As the What?” featuring J. Cole on select dates. The tour is set to make notable stops in cities like Nashville, Memphis, Cleveland, and Kansas City. The anticipation for what unfolds next in Drake's musical journey remains high.

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