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Juice WRLD’s Mother Says He Was an Eminem Fan

Eminem and Juice WRLD Collab on 'Lace It': A Powerful Message on Addiction and Legacy
Two weeks following what would have been Juice WRLD's 25th birthday and a week after the four-year commemoration of his passing, the estate has unveiled the inaugural single from The Party Never Ends album. Titled "Lace It," the track features Eminem and is produced by Benny Blanco.

In their verses, the hip-hop artists emphasize the perils of substance abuse. Eminem, having conquered his own battle with addiction, reflects on those in the music industry who succumbed to its grasp, including Lil Peep, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Shock G, Pimp C, Prince, and Michael Jackson.
Eminem's poignant lyrics capture the gravity of addiction's relentless cycle, expressing gratitude for narrowly escaping its clutches while acknowledging the tragic fate of Juice WRLD. He urges the younger generation to be cautious, delivering a heartfelt tribute to the late artist.

"Lace It" stands as the second posthumous collaboration between Eminem and Juice WRLD, following the release of "Godzilla" from Eminem's 2020 album, Music To Be Murdered By. Benny Blanco, who collaborated with Juice WRLD on several tracks before his passing, including "Roses," "Black & White," "Graduation," and the posthumous "Real S–t," produced the new single.

Carmela Wallace, Juice WRLD's mother, expressed her feelings regarding "Lace It" in a statement to Rolling Stone magazine. She reminisced about Jarad's admiration for Eminem, recounting how he played Eminem's music on repeat at home. Wallace expressed a bittersweet feeling, grateful that her son had the opportunity to collaborate with someone he admired, yet saddened by his absence to savor the moment.

Juice WRLD's untimely death from a drug-related seizure in December 2019 shook the music world. Four months later, his mother announced the establishment of the Live Free 999 Fund, dedicated to supporting young individuals in their struggles with anxiety, addiction, and depression.

"Lace It" not only serves as a musical collaboration but also as a poignant reminder of the enduring impact of Juice WRLD's legacy and the collective efforts to address mental health challenges within the music community. As fans anticipate The Party Never Ends album, each release becomes a poignant celebration of an artist who left a lasting imprint on the genre.

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