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Photos Surface Of Ice Spice Without Makeup

Ice Spice's Makeup-Free Photo Sparks Social Media Debate on Beauty Standards
Ice Spice recently captured the internet's attention when a candid photo of the rapper with no makeup surfaced on social media. The Bronx-based rap sensation found herself at the center of a flurry of comments, a mix of unkind critiques and staunch defenses.
The spark for this conversation was a post that initiated a lively debate on her natural appearance. The post, featuring an unflattering image of the rapper, stated, “Ice Spice no makeup on idk how to feel anymore [broken heart emoji].” The ensuing reactions varied widely, with some seizing the opportunity to make jokes at Ice Spice's expense. One likened her look to Roger the alien from American Dad!, while another cheekily suggested, “this is why Drake unfollowed her.” There was even a jest about her potentially being an "industry plant" in dire need of a hair transplant.

The timeline of the photo remains uncertain, but given the rapper's straight pink hair in the image, it is presumed to hail from 2021 or earlier, as she hasn't showcased that particular hairstyle in public since then.

This isn't Ice Spice's maiden voyage into the realm of viral fame spurred by an old photograph. Earlier this year, an image of her as a high school volleyball team member made waves across the internet. In the picture, the "Munch" hitmaker, adorned in her trademark curly hair, proudly sports a number four jersey alongside her teammates.

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