Joe Budden Apologizes to NBA YoungBoy After Calling His Music 'Trash': 'He Don’t Even Bother Nobody' | WhatsOnRap

Joe Budden Admits He Owes NBA YoungBoy An Apology After Beefing With Him

Joe Budden Issues Apology to NBA YoungBoy Amid Recent Feud
In the latest episode of his podcast titled “Vanity King” (Episode 681), Joe Budden has taken a moment to extend an apology to YoungBoy Never Broke Again, marking a notable turn in their recent back-and-forth.

Reflecting on the attention he has garnered in the news lately, Budden acknowledged the need for accountability and expressed regret for the way he initially conveyed his thoughts about NBA YoungBoy. In a candid admission, he stated, “I owe NBA an apology. Let’s start with accountability. He don’t even bother nobody.”

Throughout the episode, Budden revealed that he didn't feel good about the widespread coverage of their exchange on major blogs, recognizing the impact of his words. The full apology and context can be heard in the episode "Vanity King."

This unexpected apology opens the door to speculation about the future dynamics between Budden and YoungBoy. With the possibility of a sit-down interview proposed by YoungBoy during their exchange, one wonders if this conciliatory gesture from Budden might lead to a more positive interaction between the two in the future. While it remains uncertain, the prospect of a one-on-one conversation between Budden and YoungBoy could add an interesting chapter to their recent interactions.

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