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Joe Budden Reflects on Previous Conflicts with Eminem and JAY-Z

Joe Budden Opens Up About Past Industry Conflicts and Lessons Learned in Candid Interview on "The Pivot" Show
On Tuesday's episode of "The Pivot," Joe Budden delved into various facets of his life, discussing mental health struggles, his evolution into a successful media personality, and more. The veteran emcee-turned-podcaster opened up about being the initiator of conflicts in his past within the entertainment industry.

Reflecting on his approach, Budden acknowledged, "Build and destroy. In some instances, I maybe went about it the wrong way or expressed myself the wrong way. But the intent is always pure. The intent is always for the better of everyone. It’s never like a selfish act." He discussed a past altercation involving Shady Records and Eminem, emphasizing that he fought for a better situation for himself and Slaughterhouse, maintaining that lessons were gained from those experiences.
Budden also shared insights into another dispute with a former label executive during JAY-Z's tenure as president of Def Jam. As a young artist working on his second album at the time, Budden admitted struggling with the dynamics of having a fellow rapper in charge of release dates for artists like DMX and LL Cool J. 

"I didn’t handle myself well at all. Every interview that they booked for me, I kicked their back in. Every chance I got in front of a microphone, I had disparaging things to say about people who, ultimately, were maybe trying to help me. Even if they weren’t trying to help me, if I would’ve helped myself, I would have been in a different predicament. But I didn’t. Gas on the fire."

In this candid interview, Joe Budden reflects on his past conflicts, acknowledging missteps, and highlighting the complexities of navigating the music industry. His journey serves as a testament to the growth and resilience he has experienced throughout his career.

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