Kodak Black Arrested for C*caine Possession in Florida | WhatsOnRap

Kodak Black Arrest for C*caine Possession and Other Charges in Plantation

Kodak Black's Recent Arrest: C*caine Possession and Legal Challenges Unfold
On Thursday, Kodak Black was apprehended in Florida on charges that include c*caine possession, as indicated by Broward County Sheriff’s Office jail records. The rapper, arrested in the Plantation area, also faces allegations of evidence tampering.

Details about the arrest remain limited as additional information has not been publicly disclosed. 

Last month, Kodak's lawyer, Bradford Cohen, sought the dismissal of a separate drug case, asserting it was part of a "coordinated takedown" orchestrated by Broward County. Cohen argued that pills from a July 2022 arrest were identified as Tylenol, not oxycodone, according to TMZ.
Cohen has consistently defended Kodak against media scrutiny and has been outspoken about the coverage surrounding his client. He emphasized the positive aspects of Kodak's life since receiving a commutation from then-President Donald Trump in 2021.

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