Gillie Wants NBA Youngboy & Lil Durk To Headline Festival to End Beef, Youngboy Expresses Willingness to Perform Together | WhatsOnRap

NBA Youngboy Responds To Gillie's Request For Him To Headline A Festival With Lil Durk, Says He Talks To Durk Every 2-3 Nights

NBA Youngboy and Lil Durk Set to Co-Headline Gillie's Festival, Putting Beef Rumors to Rest with a Joint Performance.
In a recent podcast, Gillie Da Kid openly discussed his ideal headliners for a music festival, naming none other than Lil Durk and NBA Youngboy. What caught fans by surprise was the suggestion that these two artists, known for a prolonged feud, could share the same stage. Gillie expressed his hope that such an event would not only showcase their musical prowess but also signal the end of their longstanding beef.

Initially met with skepticism in the comments, with some pointing out NBA Youngboy's house arrest situation, fans doubted the feasibility of the proposed collaboration. Speculations arose about the potential intensity of their performances, suggesting a different kind of stage ignition. However, NBA Youngboy himself surprised many by responding positively to the idea in a video. 

He expressed eagerness to participate in Gillie's festival, pending his release from house arrest. The real revelation, though, was Youngboy's upfront statement about the resolution of his beef with Lil Durk. He shared that the two artists regularly engage in conversations, particularly about their music, signaling a newfound camaraderie.

Despite the challenges posed by Youngboy's legal situation, the prospect of him and Durk co-headlining a festival seems promising, given their apparent reconciliation. NBA Youngboy's prolific 2023, marked by the release of four projects, including the latest "Decided 2," reinforces the idea that a joint performance with Lil Durk could be a monumental moment in their careers and for fans alike.

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