Lil Durk Responds To NBA Youngboy Saying He Talks To Him “Every 2-3 Days”, YoungBoy Reacts Following Gillie's Peace Plea | WhatsOnRap

Lil Durk Responds to YoungBoy's Regular Talks, Clears the Air on Beef After Gillie's Peace Plea

NBA YoungBoy and Lil Durk's Feud Revealed as "Entertainment" After Gillie Da Kid's Peace Plea
NBA YoungBoy recently admitted that his ongoing feud with Lil Durk is more about "entertainment" than deep-seated animosity, following a call from Gillie Da Kid to bury the hatchet. Gillie expressed his desire for YoungBoy and Durk to headline the upcoming Gillie Fest in Philadelphia, emphasizing that such a joint performance could underscore the idea that their beef is not as serious as it may seem.

In response, NBA YoungBoy, in a video captioned with "It ain't what you think OG, all this shit entertainment," seemed open to the idea, provided he's released from house arrest. He humorously asked Gillie whether he should hit the stage with all his chains or just one.
Surprisingly, YoungBoy disclosed that he and Lil Durk, known for their on-and-off feud since 2021, regularly discuss music every "two or three nights." However, despite the apparent thaw in their relationship, Durk responded by accusing YoungBoy of sending a false home address, suggesting that the issues between them are far from resolved.

The history of tension between the two escalated in 2021, notably with the tragic m*rder of King Von, a close friend of Durk and labelmate, during an altercation involving Quando Rondo, affiliated with NBA YoungBoy. The friction continued earlier this year when both artists planned album releases on the same day, leading to a public exchange of jabs and accusations on social media.

While YoungBoy clarified that legal constraints were preventing Durk from visiting him, the complex dynamics of their relationship highlight the intricate intersection of personal and public conflicts in the world of rap. The evolving saga between NBA YoungBoy and Lil Durk adds layers to their narrative, leaving fans curious about the future dynamics of their interactions.

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