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Offset Explains Why He Didn't Join Kai Cenat's Jail Stream

Offset Explains Decision to Skip Kai Cenat's Prison Livestream, Citing Personal Prison Experience

Offset recently opened up about his decision to steer clear of Kai Cenat's recent prison livestream project, shedding light on his perspective during an appearance on The Morning Hustle. 

The 21-year-old's ambitious project involved hosting a live stream from behind bars, where a slew of celebrity guests endured 24 hours in a makeshift prison setting. The livestream sparked varied reactions from fans, given the intricate challenges within the prison system.

Offset, the Atlanta rap icon, explained his absence from the unconventional event, citing a deep understanding of the prison experience and the profound impact it has on one's rights.

"I ain't do the jail thing cause I had to think about it like I really come from that, and it's like really bros and homies struggling with that," shared Offset during the interview. "It's not really a game. It's a serious thing, and like I understand content, I salute it. I just couldn't be a part of that content cause if y'all remember, I come from jail, and I remember sitting in there like down bad no money on the books."

Delving further into his rationale, Offset emphasized the gravity of the situation, expressing empathy for those currently facing the harsh reality of incarceration. "I know how it feels. I got real homies that can't get out ever, so I ain't want to make a mockery of them because my world and his world different. I got some real shit that's going on in mind, and I ain't wanna have to answer to bros. Even when the clip came out, the bros were like, 'Hey, what you got going on?' Cause it's like a serious thing."

Addressing whether he had conveyed his reservations to Cenat, Offset revealed that he hadn't, acknowledging the younger creator's earnest intentions. "No, because I know where his heart was for the situation. He ain't trying to be like it ain't that serious to him, and he a younger kid," Offset added. "He really is a content creator. Later on, what he wanna do is like movies and like vibes like that cause he takes dialogue and takes all that seriously, so I know his move wasn't to be funny about it. He was just like giving his fanbase entertainment."

Cenat's week-long sojourn inside the prison, featuring visits from notable figures like NLE Choppa and Druski, undoubtedly created viral moments, offering fans a unique blend of entertainment and thought-provoking content.

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