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Rick Ross Attacks Charlamagne Tha God For Labeling 50 Cent a 'Diabolical Genius'

Ross Challenges Charlamagne Over 50 Cent Praise

Rick Ross took to Instagram Live to criticize Charlamagne Tha God for praising his long-time rival, 50 Cent, calling out the Breakfast Club host's perspective on the G-Unit leader's business acumen. Ross specifically questioned the characterization of 50 Cent as a "diabolical genius" and argued that certain business decisions, such as filing for foreclosure and bankruptcy, don't align with that description.

During the Brilliant Idiots podcast episode, Charlamagne detailed why he considers 50 Cent to be ahead of his competitors. He highlighted a social media post where 50 Cent expressed interest in buying Revolt from Diddy at a lower cost due to potential sponsor pullouts. Charlamagne explained that 50 Cent was strategically revealing sponsors to encourage harassment and protect his own interests.
Rick Ross challenged Charlamagne's perspective, emphasizing that making jokes about someone doesn't make them diabolical. He urged Charlamagne to focus on making money, stating that financial success is what truly defines someone as diabolical.

The ongoing beef between Rick Ross and 50 Cent has a history of public exchanges and jabs. Their rivalry intensified when 50 Cent mocked Ross's album sales for "Too Good to Be True." Ross's recent comments on Instagram Live are the latest chapter in their long-standing feud.

In summary, Rick Ross used Instagram Live to criticize Charlamagne Tha God's admiration for 50 Cent, questioning the characterization of 50 Cent as a "diabolical genius." This adds another layer to the ongoing beef between Ross and 50 Cent, marked by public exchanges over the years. The feud remains a prominent element in the world of hip-hop.

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