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50 Cent Throws Shade at Rick Ross and Meek Mill Over Low Album Sales, Rozay Fires Back

50 Cent Sparks Feud with Rick Ross Over Album Sales, Rozay Hits Back with Fiery Response
The long-standing feud between 50 Cent and Rick Ross has resurfaced, with 50 taking shots at Ross and Meek Mill's collaborative album, "Too Good to Be True," citing its reported first-week sales of 31,000 albums. In a recap video from his tour, 50 mocked the sales figures, stating, "If you sell 31,009 CDs, I shouldn't talk to you."

Ross swiftly responded, dismissing 50's comments with confidence. He addressed the situation in a video, asserting that 50 Cent wouldn't dare criticize him, especially considering that Cuban Link, 50's current partner, is allegedly affiliated with Dreamchasers, Ross's label. Ross emphasized their enduring wealth and success, highlighting the disparity between their first-week sales but noting that their financial achievements speak for themselves.
"Just got a DM say, 'Rozay, we believe 50 Cent just made a comment about you online,'" Ross said in the video. "I seen it, and I said, 'Y'all don't know 50 Cent like I do. He wouldn't do that.' For one, his b***h Dreamchasers. She been a Dreamchasers b***h for many years, still is. That's when she told me I was her favorite."

He continued: "For two, n***a, we been rich. We still getting money. Them n***as was laughing at my first-week sales. Them n***as was doing a million and I did 150, 180 and they was laughing but... You smell that saltwater, right? Don't let them n***as trick you."

The feud escalated further when Ross ridiculed Charlamagne Tha God for referring to 50 Cent as a "diabolical genius." Ross questioned this characterization, arguing that a true genius doesn't face foreclosure or bankruptcy but rather makes substantial business moves. He urged the next generation of entrepreneurs to focus on acquiring assets like Delta and the Miami Heat, emphasizing that genuine success, not mocking others, defines true accomplishment.

As the verbal sparring continues, the dynamics of this hip-hop rivalry showcase the intersection of personal relationships, financial success, and the ongoing quest for dominance in the industry.

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