Rick Ross Extends $2 Million Offer for G-Unit Catalogs Including Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Tony Yayo, Amid 50 Cent Feud | WhatsOnRap

Rick Ross Proposes Purchase of G-Unit Catalogs Amid Ongoing Feud with 50 Cent

Ross Offers $2M for G-Unit Catalogs Amidst 50 Cent Feud
Rick Ross Continues Playful Banter with 50 Cent, Offers $2 Million for G-Unit Catalogs. Rick Ross is keeping the feud alive with 50 Cent, responding to allegations about his 2013 single. After 50 Cent suggested Ross should be dropped from sponsorships, Ross hit back by proposing to buy out G-Unit members from their contracts.

In an Instagram video, Ross, referring to 50 Cent as a "diabolical genius," stated he heard Young Buck's catalog was valued at $725,000. Ross humorously assumed Lloyd Banks' catalog was worth about the same, proposing $1.5 million for both. He added Tony Yayo into the mix, making it a $2 million offer.

Emphasizing he doesn't need the entire G-Unit catalog, Ross sweetened the deal by offering an additional $500,000 for the masters of G-Unit's 2003 album, "Beg for Mercy." He concluded the video with a toast, flaunting his jewelry and expressing eagerness to "do some bidness!"

This isn't the first time Ross has labeled 50 Cent a "diabolical genius." The playful term originated from media personality Charlamagne Tha God, who bestowed the title on 50 Cent for his relentless pursuit of Diddy.

Charlamagne defended his label, stating, "50 Cent is absolutely a diabolical genius." He acknowledged the duality of being diabolical – intelligent and sometimes evil. Despite the banter, Ross previously challenged Charlamagne's perspective on Instagram Live.

As the playful feud continues, Ross injects humor and business savvy, offering a substantial sum for G-Unit catalogs and maintaining a lighthearted tone in the ongoing saga.

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