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Rick Ross Defending Tupac But Stumbling On ‘Alopecia’

Ross Urges Privacy Amid Jada's Tupac Revelations

Rick Ross recently expressed his displeasure with Jada Pinkett Smith's public remarks about Tupac Shakur, urging her to let the rap legend rest in peace. During a BET Talks interview, the hip-hop artist took issue with Smith's disclosure about Tupac's battle with Alopecia, a condition she herself also faces.

In a moment both serious and lighthearted, Ross, while grappling with the pronunciation of "Alopecia," emphasized the need to preserve Tupac's legacy. "Come on, Jada. Let 2Pac rest in peace," he implored. After the host corrected his pronunciation, Ross continued with humor, questioning, "Apaleesha? Alopecia."

While acknowledging Tupac's legendary status, Ross proposed an alternative narrative. "She should’ve told us a Will [Smith] story. Talk about your husband, baby. You married him. Tell us how you fell walking down the carpet one time, and we ain’t know you ain’t have on no panties or something."

This isn't the first time Ross has criticized Jada Pinkett Smith. In a previous interview with Rolling Stone, he questioned her revelations about her marriage to Will Smith in her memoir "Worthy," suggesting she may need counseling. Ross expressed concern that oversharing could diminish the impact of personal stories.

The hip-hop mogul emphasized the evolution of celebrities over time, highlighting that Will Smith is not the same person he was two decades ago. In addressing Jada Pinkett Smith directly, he urged her to "chill out" and reminisced about her iconic role in "Set It Off."

Ross, while expressing continued respect for Jada, advised her to step back, emphasizing that some aspects of her personal life might be best kept private. The hip-hop community, he suggested, might not be as interested in every detail.

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