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The Game Responds to 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks Rift Rumors, Stating 50 Cent Can't Be a "Happy Guy"

The Game Weighs in on 50 Cent's Mood Amid Lloyd Banks Rift Over 2016 Photo.

In a recent interview with VladTV, The Game addressed speculations about 50 Cent's discord with Lloyd Banks stemming from a 2016 photograph. Game suggested 50 Cent might not be content, stating, "I think we're getting to a point where you're going to have to assume 50's not a happy guy."

Game defended Banks, explaining that he believes Banks didn't intend to disrespect 50 Cent by taking a picture. According to Game, Banks saw a person he had a history of making music with and shared a bond, leading to a simple snapshot. Game added, "50's going to be mad about something anyway, so I didn't give a [expletive], and I doubt that Banks did."

While Game was once associated with G-Unit early in his career, he eventually had a falling out with 50 Cent. Despite the past tensions, he looks back on the experience with fondness, stating, "G-Unit was dope, and 50 was dope, and that experience was dope, but I just don't feel like I ever really fit or that it was just me because I'm not the soldier type. I felt like I was my own boss and I'm a king in my own right, so I needed to stand on my own two."

In the broader interview with VladTV, The Game also discussed collaborating with Eminem in his early career, JAY-Z dissing him, and various other topics.

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