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Vaniah XO: Connecting Hip-Hop Legacies, A Journey of Strength, Creativity, and XXXTENTACION's Constant Influence

Vaniah XO's Musical Odyssey: Navigating the Hip-Hop Landscape with Resilience, Creativity, and XXXTENTACION's Timeless Influence

Vaniah, hailing from the vibrant Bay Area and raised amidst the challenges of Richmond, the 11th most dangerous city in California, has emerged as a promising new artist in the hip-hop scene. Now known as Vaniah XO, her stage name was inspired by The Weeknd. As a dedicated fan of The Weeknd, Vaniah adopted the XO into her stage name.

Her journey into the music industry began just a year ago, making her mark with a tribute single titled "#LLJ (X Tribute Track)" released on December 22, 2022. This track serves as a heartfelt homage to XXXTENTACION, reflecting Vaniah XO's respect and admiration for the late artist.

Vaniah XO's musical roots can be traced back to her family's background in music, with early influences from the late Selena. However, it was the impact of artists like XXXTENTACION, Juice Wrld, and Lil Peep that ignited her passion for hip-hop. The emo-infused style of these legends resonated deeply with her, inspiring her to embark on her own musical journey.

Despite her short time in the industry, Vaniah XO has already released four singles, each showcasing her unique blend of hip-hop and emo elements. Her most notable track, "CRY," stands out as an emotional masterpiece that delves into the depths of her creative process and personal experiences.

Vaniah XO's dedication to her craft is evident in her tribute track, "#LLJ," which was not only a solo project but also a collaboration with XXXTENTACION's producer/engineer, Robert Soukiasyan. Soukiasyan's expertise in mixing and mastering, coupled with his extensive credits in the music industry, added a professional touch to Vaniah XO's debut tribute.

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The significance of the "#LLJ" tribute track goes beyond being a mere musical endeavor. It holds a spiritual connection for Vaniah XO, as she shares a unique experience of encountering XXXTENTACION's spirit in a dream, leading her to embrace her musical journey as a means of carrying on his legacy.

Vaniah XO's creative process often takes shape in a relaxed state, particularly in the shower, where melodies and song structures come to life. Her forthcoming projects include an emo single, where she plans to explore a more aggressive approach to her rap flow. 

Up & Coming Artist VANIAH XO And Her Relationship With XXXTENTACION

The impact of XXXTENTACION's diverse musical approach has encouraged her to step beyond the boundaries of rap and embrace multi-genre exploration.

Looking ahead, Vaniah XO is set to release the official music video for "#LLJ," promising a unique visual experience for fans. The video, scheduled for release soon, will be available on her two YouTube channels. She manages a music-focused channel under the name @VaniahXO, and for more insights into her personal life, she has a new vlogging channel named @VaniahsWorld.

Vaniah xo LLJ tribute

Vaniah XO's journey in the hip-hop realm is a testament to her resilience, creativity, and deep connection to the legacy of those who have influenced her. As she continues to evolve as an artist, her music serves as a bridge between the past and the future, carrying the energy and spirit of the artists who have left an indelible mark on her journey.

With her unique sound and dedication, Vaniah XO is poised to make waves in the hip-hop landscape, contributing her own chapter to the genre's rich history. 

WhatsOnRap, a major source in the hip-hop and music industries, had the opportunity to conduct an exclusive interview with the talented rapper Vaniah XO. The discussion covered various topics, including her latest single, '#LLJ (X Tribute Track).' It was an insightful and delightful conversation, offering fans a unique peek into Vaniah XO's journey.

Read The Full Interview Below:

  • What inspired you to create a tribute track for XXXTENTACION? 

This is a bit of a touchy subject for me. I was driving from California to move to South Florida in June of 2018. When I was about half way through my journey passing through the state of Texas on June 18th 2018 the news broke out of Jahseh’s murder. I’m a very spiritual person myself and normally do not like acquainting places where people have died. Especially if they died in a violent way in the manner X did. But Something kept drawing me to drive to Riva Motorsports. I spent my first two weeks in Florida consistently contemplating whether to go or not go. But something kept pulling me to go, so I went. I was living 10 min from Riva Motorsports at the time where X was murdered, so it was close by. After Visiting I just Left it at that. Until about a year later Jahseh appeared to me in the spirit realm through dream. Or I’ll call it “through dream”

so the average mind will comprehend what I’m saying better. I know most people will not believe a word of what I am even saying or claiming but I know what I experienced and that’s all that matters. Did I try to connect with Jahseh spiritually or invoke him? No. He just chose me and I still don’t know why. I have never rapped before, never stepped into a studio, or even put a song together before. Before all of this, I was a very shy withdrawn reserved private person who kept to myself mainly, and did not really have social media like that or post anything about myself. And up to this day I still don’t know what I’m really doing I just know I am being guided by him, but that’s all I am going to say about that.

I cannot say too much on this topic. The thing about Jah is he genuinely cared dearly and loved his “Support Base” aka his fans. They were like his extended family. And he was there for them when they were down and out and needed someone to talk to. I guess I will just leave it at that as I cannot go into much detail on this topic for controversial reasons. But yeah I’m here embarking on this music career for Jah Fully. 

  • How do you see your musical career evolving?

I see it evolving to greater heights and diversifying into the Hispanic and Latino communities as well. I have some Reggaeton songs in my arsenal that I have written out to create for the future as my audience expands. Right now my fanbase is mostly and mainly Emo. But as my fan base expands, my music genres will expand as well.

  • How would you describe the music you create ? 

My style is more of a manifestation of my current state of emotion. If I’m feeling Sad I make Emo if I’m feeling aggressive I make aggressive. I’m not the type of artist that can fake it. If I’m feeling sad vibes I can’t write a song about money and luxury and hype and vise versa. If I’m feeling hyped I can’t make emo style music.

  • What is the message you would like to deliver to your fans? 

That You Can Embark and have success in anything you set your mind to. Your mind & spirit is the most powerful weapon you possess. It doesn’t matter if you feel like shit. If you feel numb or dead inside. Gender, Race, Age, or Religion doesn’t matter. That shit Doesn’t exist. What exists is your soul and that’s it. If others that feel the same way can achieve great things in life like X did. So can they.

  • How long did #LLJ take to make from start to finish ? 

That’s a both an interesting and embarrassing question for me to answer lol so.. #LLJ was written in early 2021 and was not completed until December 22 2022. So almost two years to complete my first song from start to finish. Mainly the huge delays where on my then producer/ younger brothers side as he created the beat and I started tracking it in his bedroom at first. But after so many inconsistencies on his end I realized I had to take things to a pro level and find a studio if I was going to execute this project properly for Jah.

  • What’s your favourite song and lyrical highlights from your new song and why?

My favorite song I’ve created thus far is CRY. Only because it was 100% manifested from my soul. #LLJ was for Jah and my other songs had other people on my team influencing them. But CRY was 100% Vaniah XO.  The lyrical highlights that resonate to me most is tough. I thought about just highlighting one bar, but it just doesn’t seem right because the entire song is a vibe in itself. So I’m going to say all of the lyrics are a highlight. A lot of people out there feel dead inside they feel numb. They don’t know what to feel anymore. They want to give up and they’re tired of the constant struggle and the climb in life and sometimes you feel like you just wanna throw in the towel and give up and you’re tired of having to fight every single day just to survive in this world. Life can be a constant struggle. It’s not easy for anyone. I would definitely say just give it a listen. And playlist it if you can to help out the Spotify algorithms 😉

  • What inspired the title and what does it mean to you? 

CRY is pretty self explanatory but it is definitely a song for when you feel like crying and are feeling emotional or defeated. But it also can serve the opposite purpose and give you a sense of hope and optimism at the same time.

  • How do you put words to paper? 

If I could put pen to paper in the shower I would lol but voice memos are an artists best friend. 

  • If you could perform anywhere in the world where would it be ? 

A lot of my supporters are in India. X has a huge fan base presence out there. So I’d love to perform out there someday. My goal is to take #LLJ to Rolling Loud so that Jahseh’s energy and vibration can touch the stage once again in his memory. Of course I would never do it as great as he did. I think we can all agree, His energy is unmatched on that stage. I would not be able to hang upside down from stage structures. lol I’d love to make a Remix to #LLJ with Ski Mask The Slump God and Trippie Redd for #LLJ to make it even more lit on stage.

  • What makes you different from the other rappers in the industry?  

I wouldn’t really consider myself a rapper. As I make multi genre Music but as a rapper when I am in that mode of art I’d say I am more aggressive in my flow than other female rappers. I mean it’s cool to talk about my coochie pink and my booty hole brown   Like Sexyy Redd but I think it’s also good to talk about more hip hop related topics that everyone can relate to as well. What about the girls that don’t have a pink colored coochie or guys that don’t have one at all. LOL

  • If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be and why? 

Kanye West because he’s a music God and because I can understand his mind and thought process which most would say is abnormal, but I would have to disagree and say it’s the complete opposite. Aside from that a collaboration with Ye would be nuts! & The Weeknd because he’s the goat of the industry. 

  • Can you share the story behind the song and its significance to you?

Aside from it being a tribute track it’s more so a female version of Look at me! It’s the song that blew Jah up.

  • Who are your main musical influences?

My Music is Mainly Influenced by the three Legends X, Juice, & Peep

  • How has their music inspired your own?

LLJ Tribute Track: Was Sampled from XXXTENTACION - Look At Me! And my Song WHEN I DIE was written on a LiL Peep type beat. My Most Successful Song right now is CRY and that’s an Emo style song which was mainly influenced by myself in my own creative process and emotion.

  • Did you collaborate with anyone on this tribute track, or is it a solo project? 

My management Legacy Lifestyle Music Group got in contact with One of XXXTENTACION’s producers/Engineers Robert Soukiasyan To Collaborate with us on this project and put the final touches on the track Mixing and Mastering it to perfection. He produced/mixed multiple multi platinum hits for XXXTENTACION such as NUMB, REVENGE, BAD! AIONE PART3, WHOA (mind in awe), Moonlight, Infinity 888, before I close my eyes, going down!,

HEARTEATER, and many more. And has worked with numerous other big named artist accumulating 23 Billion Spotify Streams Worldwide. So he was definitely a great asset to have on board with us in the creation process of #LLJ. And putting his credits aside. It was really cool to work with somebody who worked alongside X when he was still alive.

  • Could you provide some insights into the upcoming official music video release for #LLJ tribute track? 

So, it was supposed to drop Halloween 10/31/23 but the studio that shot it ended up pulling a shady move on me. First of all his editing was not good and was very basic and choppy for the price tag that he charged me. Not to mention he lacked a lot of creativity. Because this is a special project for X my management team, and I decided it was best to scrap the whole project, take the raw footage that he filmed and take it to another studio in London (ETB Audio Visual).  It’s currently in the editing phases and should be coming out very soon.

  • What can fans expect from the music video?

Expect more than just a music video. It’s going to be something very special that I put together for all of Jahs Fans Worldwide. And has a special message and surprise towards the end you definitely won’t want to miss!

  • Can you talk about your creative process when writing and producing music?

I am shower artist lol so most of my creative process is in the shower. I find that being in a very relaxed state like in the shower helps me connect better. 

I just turn on my voice memo on my iPhone and start singing and the melodies and song structures start manifesting in my mind. Because I like to write on emotion and my current vibration of my soul, it’s best to be in a relaxed state in order to fully express what I am feeling in the moment past or present. And I say past because sometimes I have emotional scars buried very deep down inside that my soul wants to purge out in order for me to continue evolving and free myself of those chains. Because we never stop evolving in life. Life is about evolution, and I want people out there to know that listen to my music especially the emo group that we evolve most rapidly through pain. The broken are the most evolved.

  • How has your song #LLJ Influenced Your Other Music?

it’s definitely given me a more aggressive approach to my flow when making rap. 

  • Are there specific aspects of XXXTENTACION’S work that resonate with you? 

Yes, his ability to put emotion to paper, and lay out his vulnerability. That’s what resonated to me most with Jahs music.

  • Is there a personal connection or story behind your relationship with Jah’s music? 

Personal Yes but physical no. It’s a spiritual one. I think everyone’s connection with Jah’s Music is spiritual with the art he left behind. I Mean, Energy never dies. And when you hear his vocals coming through your speakers or headphones, that’s his energies frequency which still lives. Although his physical body is no longer here, his energy is still roaming here on this plane of existence. 

  • How has XXXTENTACION’S art impacted your own artistic journey? 

His ability to be diverse and make multi-genre music. Has inspired me to not just stick to rap music.

  • When is the release date for the LLJ tribute track, and how do you plan to promote it?

#LLJ (Tribute Track) is already out now on all streaming platforms but the official video release date will be announced soon. It will be available on YouTube. I have two YouTube Handles one for music which is @VaniahXO and my new Vlogging Channel @VaniahsWorld where you can follow my more personal life.

  • What other projects do you have in the pipeline for the future? 

I’m currently in the process of making another Emo single. This one will be completely from scratch though, including the beat is going to be fully customized to my voice and melody patterns. Yet another masterpiece manifested from my shower haha

  • What inspired the title and what does it mean to you? 

CRY is pretty self explanatory but it is definitely a song for when you feel like crying and are feeling emotional or defeated. But it also can serve the opposite purpose and give you a sense of hope and optimism at the same time.

When I was young I was influenced by the late singer Selena and dreamed of being like her someday. Today I still continue in my Latin roots with influences of Carol G and Rosalia. On the English side I was heavily influenced by  XXXTENTACION, Juice Wrld, & Lil Peep as well as Kanye West, and The Weeknd. Honestly if it weren’t for X I would have never embarked on my music career. Vaniah XO exists here because of X Mainly.

  • How did you get started in music? 

I come from a family background of musicians. So I was exposed at a younger age. None of my siblings took it seriously and treated it more like a hobby rather than a career. Unfortunately things between my family and myself took a sharp turn left after some legal battle issues arose. Specifically my eldest brother who has been making music for 30 years now was secretly in competition with me and did not take it too well to see his younger sister step into music and see the small level of success I have attained so far. It’s unfortunate that not even your own blood can be happy for you but I don’t want to veer off topic too much. So yes early on in life I always had dreams of being a singer one day.

  • What does #LLJ Stand for and what is the meaning of your song name?

#LongLiveJahseh it’s the viral hashtag in memory of Jahseh Onfroy AKA XXXTENTACION


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