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Cleo X's Mom Reveals Plans To Do a Hologram Tour Of The Late Rapper So He Can Perform At Different Places Across The World

XXXTentacion's Hologram Tour: A Tribute to the Late Rapper's Legacy and Innovative Musical Experience.
On November 27, 2023, Cleopatra Bernard, XXXTentacion's mother, revealed exciting plans in an exclusive interview with GG33 Academy. She announced a groundbreaking worldwide tour featuring a hologram of the late rapper, set to kick off on February 1, 2024, in Los Angeles and conclude on March 1, 2024, in Miami.

In the interview, Cleo shared that the tour is a heartfelt gesture for XXXTentacion's fans, providing them with a unique opportunity to experience his live performances once again. She emphasized the realism of the hologram, ensuring fans would feel the presence of the rapper as if he were physically on stage.

The announcement has sparked a range of reactions, with some fans expressing enthusiasm about the chance to witness XXXTentacion's artistry live, while others question the appropriateness of such a tribute to the deceased artist.
In addition to the hologram tour, Bernard delved into various topics during the interview, including the potential release of an AI-finished album. This revelation adds another layer of anticipation for fans eager to experience new musical content from the late artist.

During the interview, Bernard shared personal anecdotes, such as: XXXTentacion's visit to Walmart, where he purchased numerous white candles and placed them by the fireplace – a gesture that took on special significance during his candlelight vigil three days later. The interview promises more insights into XXXTentacion's life and legacy.

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However, concerns have been raised about the tour being perceived as a financial venture exploiting the rapper's death. As the executive director of XXXTentacion's estate, Bernard will receive proceeds from the tour, further fueling the debate surrounding the ethics of posthumous ventures.

The success of the hologram tour remains uncertain, but if it garners widespread popularity, Bernard may consider additional dates or an extended global tour, providing fans with more opportunities to engage with XXXTentacion's musical legacy.

Beyond being a cultural phenomenon, the hologram tour also serves as a technological experiment, testing the capabilities and reception of hologram technology in the entertainment industry. If proven successful, it could open doors to similar holographic experiences featuring other deceased or missing artists.

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Reflecting on a Discord chat interaction on October 25, Cleopatra Bernard responded to a fan's inquiry about hosting XXXTentacion shows in Nigeria with the possibility of a hologram, hinting at the idea that eventually materialized into the global hologram tour.

While some fans embraced the hologram concept, Bernard faced criticism for potentially capitalizing on her son's legacy. This controversy adds to existing allegations, with some fans questioning her motives, especially in light of promotional activities on XXXTentacion's Instagram account and accusations of leveraging his posthumous releases for financial gain.

This evolving narrative underscores the complex dynamics surrounding posthumous projects and the delicate balance between preserving an artist's legacy and ethical considerations surrounding their use. The hologram tour becomes a focal point in the ongoing discussion about how the industry navigates and respects the artistic contributions of artists who are no longer physically present.


  • What is the significance of the hologram tour for XXXTentacion?
The hologram tour serves as a unique tribute, allowing fans to experience live performances of the late rapper.
  • When does the hologram tour kick off?
The tour is scheduled to begin on February 1, 2024, in Los Angeles, and concludes on March 1, 2024, in Miami.
  •  How realistic is the hologram of XXXTentacion?
Cleo Bernard, XXXTentacion's mother, assures that the hologram is highly realistic, providing an authentic concert experience.
  • What reactions has the hologram tour sparked?
The tour has elicited both positive and negative reactions, with some fans excited and others expressing concerns about respecting the deceased artist.
  •  What did Cleo Bernard reveal about XXXTentacion's activities before his passing?
Cleo shared details about XXXTentacion buying white candles from Walmart and placing them by the fireplace before his demise.
  •  Are there plans for an AI-finished album?
In a recent interview, Cleo mentioned the possibility of an AI-finished album, adding another layer to XXXTentacion's posthumous releases.
  •  How is Cleo involved in the hologram tour as the executive director of XXXTentacion's estate?
Cleo, as the executive director, will receive proceeds from the hologram tour, leading to concerns about profiting from the rapper's death.
  •  Could there be additional dates or an extended tour based on its success?
If the hologram tour gains popularity, Cleo might announce additional dates or even an extended global tour.
  • What is the hologram tour's significance for hologram technology?
The tour serves as a test for hologram technology, potentially paving the way for the resurrection of other deceased or missing artists.
  • How did Cleo respond to fans' inquiries about a hologram in a Q&A session?
During a Q&A session, Cleo Bernard responded positively to the idea of recreating XXXTentacion's energy with a hologram.
  •  Why did Cleo receive backlash for discussing a hologram on Discord?
Cleo faced criticism for allegedly exploiting her son's legacy for financial gain when discussing a hologram on Discord.
  • What are fans' concerns regarding Cleo's actions?
Some fans express concerns that Cleo is using XXXTentacion for money and fame, citing various actions and promotions.
  • What allegations has Cleo faced recently?
Cleo has faced allegations of using XXXTentacion's Instagram account for promoting music videos and managing artists.
  • How did Cleo respond to accusations of money-grabbing off her son's legacy?
Cleo addressed accusations on social media platforms after facing criticism, defending her actions and intentions.
  • What was the response to Cleo promoting music on XXXTentacion's memorialized Instagram account?
Cleo faced backlash for promoting music on XXXTentacion's memorialized Instagram account, sparking a debate among fans.

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