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21 Savage Feels Like Broke Parents Are Better Than Rich Ones 

21 Savage: Navigating Parenthood in the Spotlight
In a recent Club Shay Shay appearance with Shannon Sharpe, 21 Savage delved into the challenges of balancing his career and fatherhood. 

As a father of three, with children ranging from eight to ten years old, the rapper expressed the difficulties of providing for his kids while navigating the demands of his profession.

Reflecting on his own upbringing and contrasting it with the life he can afford his children now, 21 Savage opened up about the constant struggle to find a balance. 
Despite his success, he confessed to feeling that his career sometimes hinders his ability to be fully present in his kids' lives. In a snippet from the interview, 21 Savage shared:
I be feeling like I don't be doing all the way my job because of my job. So I be trying to like, balance that out [...] You work to receive, to gain all the success and all the good sh*t, but it's like I feel like the best parents, in my opinion, are parents that don't got it all. I feel like broke parents are better than rich parents, in my opinion.

- 21 Savage

The rapper elaborated on how financial success can inadvertently limit the time parents have for their children. 

21 Savage Speaks About Fatherhood During Club Shay Shay Interview:

When you're broke, you got way more time. So you're there for like a lot of the sht. Like yeah, gifts and sht matter, but they don't matter at the same time.

- 21 Savage

21 Savage emphasized the value of time spent with loved ones, suggesting that, despite the advantages of wealth, the priceless moments with family are often sacrificed in the pursuit of success.

In the evolving landscape of hip-hop, where artists grapple with the complexities of fame, 21 Savage's perspective sheds light on the ongoing dialogue surrounding the challenges and sacrifices inherent in the pursuit of both career success and family life.

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