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50 Cent Takes Legal Action Against Teairra Mari for Over $50,000 Debt

50 Cent Pursues $50k Debt From Teairra Mari Through Legal Action
50 Cent, known for his persistence in financial matters, has escalated his pursuit of over $50,000 owed by Teairra Mari. Court documents reveal a filed writ of execution in Sacramento County, CA, allowing the sheriff to collect the outstanding debt through various legal means. This includes wage garnishment, tapping into assets, and levying bank accounts.

The writ outlines that if Mari fails to settle the judgment, 50 Cent can intensify his efforts, potentially placing a lien on her property or even suspending her driver's license. 

According to the documents, 50 Cent asserts that Mari owes him $50,476, stemming from a previous judgment of $30,618, along with an additional $5,000 in sanctions. Due to her non-payment, an extra $14,000 in interest has been accrued.
This isn't the first time 50 Cent has taken legal action against Mari. In 2021, he filed a writ for $37,733, which included added amounts due to Mari's failure to provide financial information. Despite these efforts, Mari has not complied with the court orders.

In a deleted Instagram post from 2022, 50 Cent issued a demand for Mari to pay her debts. He mentioned her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, and emphasized that he wanted the money by a specific deadline.
Young lady you’re going to learn to have respect for the legal system whether you like it or not. where is your friend lisa bloom now ! she ran away and left you smh you know you done fvcked up right ! I want Money by Monday. #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi

- 50 Cent

Mari responded to 50 Cent's actions in a 2019 Instagram post, highlighting the ongoing legal battles between them. As the legal saga continues, 50 Cent's pursuit of the debt owed by Teairra Mari showcases his unwavering commitment to collecting what he believes is rightfully his.

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