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ASAP Rocky Appears to Diss Drake in Latest Kid Cudi Song 'Wow'

A$AP Rocky Responds to Drake in New Kid Cudi Collab
A$AP Rocky seemingly comes to Rihanna's defense in a Kid Cudi collaboration, taking a shot at Drake in the process. Featured on Kid Cudi's latest album, INSANO, the track "WOW" features Rocky delivering a verse that appears to be aimed at Drizzy.

In the lyrics, Rocky raps, “Got it extended in my jeans/Yeah, my Dickies got the crease, I got kisses on my cheek/I got glitter on my teeth, I got lipstick on my briefs/Keep it cool, keep it smooth, why you makin’ a scene? Plus my boo got the Glizzy, keep the receipt if it’s beef/Cheffin’ mans, Boyardee, with the latest Goyard/Me and my vamp bae got our own handshake/These ni**as can’t stomach me, gotta go get a mandrake.”

The mention of "beef" and the desire to "keep receipts" of threats in his verse adds fuel to the speculation. A mandrake is a plant known for its use in herbal remedies, particularly for treating stomach-related issues.

This lyrical exchange follows earlier speculation in October 2023, where fans believed Drake dissed Rihanna in his album "For All The Dogs." Tracks like "Fear of Heights" and "Virginia Beach" were interpreted as jabs at the Fenty owner.

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In "Fear of Heights," Drake allegedly refers to Rihanna's 2016 album title, "anti," mocking their "average s*x" and suggesting that Rocky "can't leave her."

On "Virginia Beach," Drake references Rihanna's education, mentioning a woman with a Parson’s degree that he could’ve "treated better." Rihanna indeed holds a degree from Parsons School of Design.

This recent exchange adds another layer to the ongoing narrative surrounding the relationship dynamics between Drake, Rihanna, and A$AP Rocky. The world of hip-hop continues to be a breeding ground for intrigue and speculation, with fans eagerly anticipating further developments in these high-profile collaborations.

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