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Benzino Claps Back at Eminem with Fiery Diss Track "Vulturius"

Benzino's Swift Retaliation: 'Vulturius' Diss Track Responds to Eminem's Shots
In swift retaliation to Eminem's recent diss, Benzino wasted no time firing back with his latest track, "Vulturius." The rapper took Jay-Z's "Where I'm From" and transformed it into a fiery response on Sunday evening, unleashing a barrage of lyrical shots.

In the track, Benzino doesn't hold back, addressing Eminem directly with lines like:

Candy-a** Eminem, bi**h-a** feminine/ Mad he lack melanin, all Valium’d up again/ Awe sh*t, here we go, Benzino vs. Jim Crow/ Know a custy when I see one, how many times you overdose?

- Benzino

The feud escalates as Benzino takes jabs at Eminem's history, rapping about overdose incidents and challenging Eminem's toughness.

Benzino Responds To Eminem with "Vulturius" Diss Track – Listen

The beef between Benzino and Eminem dates back to 2002 when The Source magazine gave Eminem's album "The Eminem Show" four mics out of five, sparking tension. Since then, the two have exchanged diss tracks and verbal blows over the years, with Eminem recently mentioning Benzino and his daughter,  Coi Leray, in "Doomsday Pt. 2."

Benzino's response dives into personal territory, addressing Eminem's lack of support during tough times and touching on family matters. The track sheds light on the prolonged feud, emphasizing Benzino's perspective on their tumultuous history.

Eminem's diss on "Doomsday Pt. 2" highlighted Benzino's alleged financial troubles, referencing cheap hotels and insinuating a lack of success in the industry. This ignited a reaction from Coi Leray, who expressed her disdain for rap beef on social media, deeming it "washed and tired." She took the opportunity to promote her new release, "Wanna Come Thru," and dismissed any desire for an Eminem collaboration.

The ongoing saga between Benzino and Eminem adds another chapter to their long-standing feud, blending personal and musical conflicts. As the rap world watches the drama unfold, the artists involved continue to use their craft to express grievances and settle scores.

In the ever-evolving landscape of rap beef, Benzino's "Vulturius" stands as a swift response to Eminem's latest shots, reigniting a feud that has spanned decades. The diss track not only addresses the current exchange but delves into the history and personal dynamics that fuel the ongoing tension between the two artists.

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