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B.G Throws Shots To Lil Wayne On a New Track “Gangstafied”

B.G. Sparks Controversy with Lil Wayne Diss on "Gangstafied"
After a stint in prison, B.G. has stirred the pot with a diss aimed at Lil Wayne on the latest Finesse2Tymes collaboration, "Gangstafied," dashing hopes for a Hot Boys reunion tour.

As a founding member of the Hot Boys, B.G.'s return to the music scene after an 11-year prison term seemed promising. However, his latest release with Finesse2Tymes takes a swipe at Lil Wayne, his former bandmate, suggesting that all might not be well between them.

In the second verse of "Gangstafied," B.G. doesn't hold back: "My n***a Boosie went home and my dawg was steady blowing/My n***a Weezy steady touring, but he's a bitch and it's showing," Despite referencing Lil Wayne's successful career, B.G. makes it clear that there's some underlying tension.
In a post-prison interview, B.G. hinted at his strained relationship with Lil Wayne, citing a comment Weezy made against those who left Cash Money records. B.G. revealed, "To make a long story short, he was like, fuck everybody who left Cash Money. I'm one of the ones who left Cash Money, so really you saying fuck me."
The rapper, who left Cash Money along with Juvenile, expressed his dissatisfaction with Lil Wayne's stance, emphasizing that it was directed at him. B.G. remarked, "When you say fuck me, I'm gonna say fuck you back. ... My problems ain't with you. You ain’t the one that got my money."

Despite B.G.'s discord with Lil Wayne, it's worth noting that he seems to be on good terms with Cash Money founder Birdman. A photo shared by Birdman on Instagram, showing a warm embrace between the two at an airport, hints at a reconciled relationship between B.G. and the label's founder.
As fans hoped for a Hot Boys reunion, B.G.'s recent diss may have cast a shadow on the prospects of such a collaboration. The intricacies of the relationships within the Cash Money family continue to unfold, leaving fans curious about the future dynamics among the iconic rap group's members.

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