Finesse2Tymes Claims That He Is Hybrid: “If you put 50 cent, Doe b, Yo Gotti, and Gucci mane all in one pot, U get Finesse2tymes” - WhatsOnRap

Finesse2Tymes Likens Himself to 50 Cent, Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti & Doe B

Finesse2Tymes envisions himself as a captivating blend of musical talents, drawing inspiration from icons such as 50 Cent, Gucci Mane, the late Doe B, and Yo Gotti. This composite self-perception, however, is met with a diversity of opinions.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday (August 16), the wordsmith behind "Black Visa" unveiled his self-proclaimed status. “If you put 50 cent, Doe b, Yo Gotti, and Gucci mane all in one pot, U get Finesse2tymes,” he expressed on his IG Story, accompanied by a fiery emoji and a contemplative emoji.

Yet, when this proclamation made its way to the realm of Say Cheese TV, the responses took an alternate narrative. One individual humorously quipped, “Fuck no n-gga more like mannie fresh,missy elliot, & yo local stud in the hood,”Meanwhile, another commenter pondered, “I wonder how much drugs he put in a pot to come up wit ts.”

Despite the varied opinions of his critics, Finesse2Tymes found solace in the unwavering devotion of one of his three girlfriends. This fervent affection manifested in the form of an extensive and meticulously detailed tattoo, artistically capturing the rapper's visage.

In the grand tapestry of musical influences, Finesse2Tymes stands as a unique synthesis, even as public opinions weave a complex mosaic around his self-declared musical DNA.

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