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B.G. Ask Fot Hot Boys Reunion, Tells Lil Wayne “Stop Playing”

B.G. Calls for Hot Boys Reunion, Urges Lil Wayne to Join for a Big Opportunity
B.G. has extended an invitation to Lil Wayne for a potential Hot Boys reunion, urging his former groupmate to "stop playing." The New Orleans rapper expressed his desire for the iconic rap group to come together again, despite his recent diss toward Wayne.

During an Instagram Live session, B.G. conveyed his message to Lil Wayne, emphasizing the financial opportunity associated with a Hot Boys reunion. He called on Wayne, acknowledging his wealth and stature, to set aside any differences and capitalize on the lucrative prospect of a reunion.

“Say Juve, there’s people on my line, man, about this Hot Boys reunion, Weezy, stop playing, man. It’s a big bag involved, man. Ya heard me? I know you super rich. I know you like Taylor Swift outchea. Come on, man. Stop playing, man. Let’s get to this bag.”

- B.G.

B.G.'s appeal for a Hot Boys reunion received mixed reactions from fans, with some expressing skepticism given his recent disparaging comments about Lil Wayne. Some questioned the sincerity of B.G.'s request, considering the diss track he released last month with Finesse2Tymes titled "Gangstafied," where he took aim at Lil Wayne's lifestyle and perceived shortcomings.

Critics pointed out the irony of seeking collaboration after making derogatory remarks, with one fan humorously noting that Wayne is likely preoccupied with other priorities like relationships and substance use.

In the diss track, B.G. mentioned Boosie's release from prison, Wayne's ongoing touring, and implied dissatisfaction with Wayne's choices. However, B.G. later attempted to clarify his stance on Instagram Live, emphasizing that his complex expressions of love and criticism are part of the intricacies of family dynamics.

Despite the recent tensions and mixed reactions from fans, B.G. remains hopeful for a Hot Boys reunion, emphasizing the potential for a significant financial gain and encouraging Lil Wayne to consider the opportunity for the collective benefit of the group. The fate of a Hot Boys reunion remains uncertain, as the dynamics between the former groupmates continue to unfold.

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