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Birdman Clarifies The Rich Gang Launch Amidst Fallout with Lil Wayne in 2014 

Birdman Sets the Record Straight on Rich Gang's Origins Amidst Lil Wayne Fallout
Birdman's clarification on the perceived shadiness surrounding the launch of Rich Gang in 2014 has set the record straight. Teaming up with Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan, the move seemingly coincided with his fallout with Lil Wayne. However, the narrative takes an unexpected turn as Birdman opens up about the real motives behind Rich Gang's formation.

In a recent episode of Renaissance Man with Jalen Rose, published on Wednesday (January 24), Birdman refutes the notion that Rich Gang was an attempt at reinvention. Instead, he shares a heartfelt revelation about his dedication to Lil Wayne's well-being. Observing Wayne's relentless work ethic, Birdman sought to provide a platform for his protégée to kick back and relax.

Recalling Wayne's lyrics urging him to "kick your feet up," Birdman explains:
All he ever wanted to do was make sure I kick my feet up. When I met Thugga, I was like, man, this guy is talented. I thought Wayne wanted to relax, but he's on a full-blown mission. He ain't giving a [expletive] about nothing. Anything in his way, he gon’ eat em.

- Birdman

The Rich Gang venture, according to Birdman, was a testament to recognizing the unique talent in Young Thug and the crew. It wasn't about replacing Lil Wayne but creating a space for artistic expression and success. Birdman proudly states, "And we did the Rich Gang, and we messed the game up with it."

Birdman's Insightful Journey into Hip-Hop Legacy and Bonds:

While many perceived the move as a possible replacement for Lil Wayne, tensions rose when Young Thug named his 2015 mixtape Carter 6, later changing it to Barter 6. The uncertainty reached its peak when Wayne questioned whether he was being trolled or if Thug was genuinely paying homage to the iconic Carter series.
The dynamic between Lil Wayne and Young Thug continued to be a topic of discussion, with Thug expressing in a 2019 interview that he didn't think Wayne liked him. 

Exploring this theme in a 2020 Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast interview, Young Thug revealed the initial encounter with Wayne, where he wasn't even acknowledged with a dap. Thug's honesty about being a true fan and his commitment to authenticity add depth to the evolving narrative of relationships within the rap community.

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