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Coi Leray Engages in Twitter Exchange with Lil Tay Over Rap Feuds

Coi Leray and Lil Tay's Amicable Banter: Exploring Rap Dynamics Beyond Beef
Coi Leray and Lil Tay found themselves in a playful banter on social media, prompted by Coi's recent reflections on the dynamics of rap beef.

The interaction unfolded on Friday (Jan. 26) when Coi Leray took to Twitter, expressing her weariness with the ongoing drama associated with rap beef calling it "washed and tired" and expressing her exhaustion with the constant drama. 
Lil Tay responded to Coi's tweet, suggesting a connection between Coi's perspective and her father's behavior.
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

- Lil Tay

In response to Lil Tay's remark, Coi Leray replied, maintaining a civil tone and expressing her reluctance to make fun of people's trauma.

I'm not the type to laugh or make fun of people's trauma. So ima just let you think you ate. Love the new music btw! Stay strong boo.

- Coi Leray

Lil Tay responded appreciatively, stating:

Not quite sure what you're insinuating in that first sentence, but I know I ate, and thanks for streaming.

- Lil Tay

Coi Leray And Lil Tay Tweets:

The exchange remained relatively friendly, with both artists supporting each other's work despite the differing perspectives on rap beef.

Coi Leray's comments on rap beef may have been prompted by Eminem's recent diss track, "Doomsday Pt. 2," released on the same day. In the song, Eminem took shots at Coi Leray's father, Benzino, and also targeted Coi herself. Coi Leray responded to Eminem's disses on social media, expressing her opinions on the matter.

This lighthearted interaction between Coi Leray and Lil Tay showcases the evolving dynamics and varied opinions within the hip-hop community, emphasizing that, despite differences, artists can engage in conversation while maintaining a level of respect.

As the rap realm continues to witness these exchanges, it reflects the multifaceted nature of the genre, where artists navigate their relationships, opinions, and conflicts in the public eye.

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