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Gillie Da Kid Addresses Disrespectful "Illuminati" Rumors Regarding His Son's Passing

Unraveling Hip-Hop Theories: Gillie Da Kid Responds to Son's Tragedy

Gillie Da Kid, a notable figure from Philadelphia, confronted the disturbing online conspiracy theories alleging he sacrificed his son during a recent installment of The Pat Bev Podcast, dismissing the "disrespectful" rumors.

Co-hosts extended condolences to Gillie for the loss of his son, expressing frustration over the circulation of the disturbing online rumor. The topic revolved around the Illuminati sacrifice theory, with one co-host highlighting the annoyance caused by thousands of likes and comments attributing the tragedy to the "f**king Illuminati."

Visibly irritated, Gillie scoffed at the Illuminati conspiracy, labeling it as “The Illuminati sacrifice and all that dumb a** sh*t online. The Illuminati came down North Philly and killed my son. Shut the f**k up. Gotta see some dumb sh*t like that online cause you ni**as trying to get views and likes.”  And emphatically denying any such involvement in his son's passing. He expressed annoyance at the online sensationalism aimed at garnering views and likes.
Continuing his response, Gillie, known as The Million Dollaz Worth of Game co-host, stated that he would respond more intensely if it weren't for his co-host Wallo. Asserting his determination, he warned, "One day Lo gonna lighten up, and I’mma tear y’all a** up. I’mma light y’all the f**k up."

The tragic incident involving Gillie's son, YNG Cheese (Devin Spady), occurred in July 2023 when he was shot in the back and later pronounced dead at a Philadelphia hospital. Two other individuals involved in the shooting survived and were listed in stable condition.

In the aftermath of his son's death, Gillie took to social media to mourn, expressing deep grief and gratitude for the support received from family, friends, and followers. Acknowledging the challenges ahead, he emphasized the need to stay strong for his family during these difficult times.

The narrative highlights the emotional toll faced by artists in the public eye, dealing not only with personal tragedy but also confronting unfounded and hurtful conspiracy theories. Gillie Da Kid's response reflects the resilience required to navigate such challenging situations, combating baseless rumors and finding strength in the face of grief.

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