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Ice Spice Takes a Dig at Latto in New Single 'Fart'  

Ice Spice Throws Overt Shade at Latto in Latest Track "Think U The Shit (Fart)"
Ice Spice Fires Another Round at Latto in Latest Track "Think U The Sh*t (Fart)"

In the world of hip-hop, the Bronx rapper Ice Spice has once again ignited a lyrical feud with Atlanta's own Latto. The latest battleground? Ice Spice's new single, "Think U The Sh*t (Fart)," released on January 26, where she appears to take a direct swipe at the "Big Energy" hitmaker. This ongoing exchange of subliminal disses has been brewing for a while, but with the new track, Ice Spice seems to have taken a more overt approach, leaving listeners speculating about the targeted shots aimed at Latto.

Ice Spice's lyrics cut deep, produced over a pulsating, video game-inspired beat crafted by RIOTUSA, Synthetic, and venny.

I got my foot on they necks, I can’t let up/ She all on the floor, told her get up.

- Ice Spice

She raps, a line that unmistakably nods toward Latto’s popular track "Put It On Da Floor."

This recent jab is just another chapter in the ongoing rivalry. Ice Spice initiated the lyrical sparring with Latto in the preceding year, dropping lyrics that seemingly referenced "Put It On Da Floor." The Bronx rapper didn't hold back, directly singling out the Atlanta sensation on two tracks from the deluxe edition of her debut EP "Like..?" released in July.

In "How High?," Ice Spice borrowed a line from Biggie’s iconic rhymes, spitting, "Now she all on the floor when I kick in the door/ How you mad I do less ’cause you gotta do more?" On "Butterfly Ku," she continued her lyrical assault with, "Where she at? On the floor/ She gettin’ money, but I’m gettin’ more."

Latto, not one to shy away from a lyrical challenge, responded in kind with a similar approach in her guest verse on Offset’s "Set It Off" album, making explicit references to Ice Spice’s breakout hit "Munch (Fellin’ U)."

As the saga continues, hip-hop enthusiasts eagerly await the next moves in this rap feud that adds yet another layer to the intricate tapestry of the genre's competitive landscape. The "Think U The Sh*t (Fart)" saga reaffirms that, in the world of hip-hop, the mic is not just a tool for expression but also a weapon in the ongoing battle for supremacy.

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