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Ice Spice Clarifies Pregnancy Speculation Following Controversial Photo

Ice Spice Quashes Pregnancy Rumors: "Nobody pregnant, just
Bronx rapper Ice Spice dispels pregnancy rumors, clarifying her physique in response to a suggestive photo, emphasizing she's not expecting.

In the realm of social media scrutiny, Bronx rapper Ice Spice recently found herself at the center of pregnancy rumors following a photo she shared online. The snapshot, showcasing her in a revealing outfit, prompted fans to speculate about a potential pregnancy based on what seemed to be a slightly rounder stomach.

Taking to X on Monday night (January 22), Ice Spice swiftly addressed the rumors, providing a straightforward response to her 2.2 million followers: "nobody pregnant n-ggas just phat."

Ice Spice Reacts To Pregnancy Rumors

The Bronx native, known for her breakout hit "Munch (Feelin’ U)" in 2022, has largely maintained privacy regarding her personal life despite her rising fame. Last year, she confirmed being in a relationship in a Los Angeles Times profile but chose not to disclose her partner's identity, emphasizing her desire for fans to focus on her music.

However, Ice Spice recently faced legal troubles as she was sued earlier this month over allegations of stealing her hit single "In Ha Mood." The lawsuit, filed by New York rapper D.Chamberz, claims that Ice Spice copied the beat, lyrics, hook, rhyme structure, metrical placement, and narrative from his January 2022 track "In That Mood." Chamberz asserts that he created the song a year before Ice Spice released "In Ha Mood," featured on her debut EP Like..?.

In the legal action, Chamberz contends that Ice Spice and her producer RiotUSA may have come across his song, given his role as a DJ in New York City and airplay on the radio. Seeking half of the publishing rights to the song, along with other revenues and damages for copyright infringement, Chamberz is pursuing legal recourse to address the alleged similarities.

Ice Spice's journey in the music industry continues to be marked by artistic achievements and occasional legal challenges, as she navigates her burgeoning career while addressing rumors and disputes along the way.

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