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John Legend Roasted Over 50 Cent '21 Questions' Duet After Surprise Concert Performance

John Legend's '21 Questions' Duet Sparks Social Media Frenzy at 45th Birthday Bash with 50 Cent.
John Legend is now the talk of social media after his rendition of "21 Questions" with 50 Cent during his 45th birthday celebration in New York City. Video clips capturing Legend's attempt to cover Nate Dogg's iconic chorus in the hit song have triggered a flurry of jokes and memes across various social media platforms.

The unexpected collaboration unfolded at Legend's birthday party last Thursday, where 50 Cent headlined as a featured performer. As the rapper graced the stage to perform his hit single "21 Questions," Legend joined him, taking on the role of Nate Dogg for the beloved chorus. While the live audience appeared to enjoy the spontaneous performance, the online response painted a different picture.

Despite the festive atmosphere on stage, numerous social media users suggested that Legend's sincere attempt might have been better left unattempted. Critics contended that he could have relished the moment from the audience, allowing the lighthearted event to evolve into an unintentional source of online amusement.

In a notable absence, 50 Cent, renowned for his humorous social media presence, has not yet addressed the public's reaction to Legend's performance. Nevertheless, the video has gained traction for the unexpected collaboration and the ensuing online banter.

Before the performance, Legend and his wife, Chrissy Teigen, enjoyed a birthday dinner at Ralph Lauren's The Polo Bar in New York City, both clad in coordinating all-black ensembles. While the couple's evening was initially stylish and romantic, the surprise twist during 50 Cent's set has now become a viral moment, adding an unforgettable chapter to Legend's 45th birthday celebration.

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