Juice Wrld’s ex Ally Lotti going viral for allegedly trying to sell an adult t*pe featuring Juice Wrld | WhatsOnRap

Ally Lotti faces backlash for reportedly selling l*aked t*pe involving Juice WRLD.

Ally lotti and juice wrld leaked t*pe

Juice WRLD's girlfriend, Ally Lotti, finds herself involved in controversy once again, this time for allegedly posting an intimate video featuring the late rapper on her OnlyFans account. The screenshot circulating over the weekend reveals that Lotti is selling the explicit content, along with several photos, for $29.99, confirming Juice WRLD's presence in the clip.

In a caption accompanying the explicit content, Lotti expressed frustration with hackers attempting to exploit her by threatening to leak the video. In defiance, she announced her decision to release it herself, asserting that she refuses to succumb to threats any longer. 

The caption details intimate aspects of her relationship with Juice WRLD, adding an emotional layer to the contentious situation.

“F*cked by my famous ex. Hackers are trying to threaten me to leak my old s*x t*pe with my ex-fiance Juice WRLD. IDGAF anymore. I’ll leak it myself. It’s a long time since I have been f*cked rough with some big black c*ck like this. “I am so mad that I am adding every nude I ever sent him. I know you will at least enjoy it. I can’t believe I am actually sending this but I can’t be threatened anymore.”

The public response to Lotti's actions has been overwhelmingly negative, with criticism directed at her for allegedly capitalizing on the rapper's untimely death. The incident underscores the ethical questions surrounding the posthumous use of an artist's image, especially in explicit contexts.

This isn't the first time Ally Lotti has faced backlash for her actions related to Juice WRLD. Last summer, she encountered criticism after attempting to sell some of the late rapper's personal belongings online. The items, including a Louis Vuitton bag and other accessories, were listed by Juice WRLD fan pages after Lotti confirmed their legitimacy.

Furthermore, Lotti has been accused of manipulating Juice WRLD before his tragic death in 2019, which was ruled an accidental overdose. These controversies add layers to the ongoing discussions about the posthumous treatment of artists, raising concerns about the appropriate handling of their legacies and personal effects.

As fans and the public grapple with the ethical implications of these actions, it brings to the forefront the importance of respecting an artist's legacy and privacy, even after their passing. The evolving narrative surrounding Juice WRLD's legacy continues to be shaped by the actions and decisions made by those close to him.


  • What is the controversy surrounding Juice WRLD's girlfriend, Ally Lotti?

Ally Lotti faced criticism for allegedly posting explicit content, including a s*x tape with the late rapper Juice WRLD, on her OnlyFans account.

  • Why has Ally Lotti faced criticism for her actions involving Juice WRLD's personal belongings?

Last summer, Ally Lotti received backlash for attempting to sell Juice WRLD's personal belongings online, including items that fans considered priceless.

  • Can you provide details on the explicit content Ally Lotti allegedly posted on her OnlyFans account?

Ally Lotti allegedly posted a s*x tape with Juice WRLD on her OnlyFans account, along with several pictures.

  • How did fans react to the explicit content and its connection to Juice WRLD?

The reaction from fans was overwhelmingly negative, with Ally Lotti being criticized for exploiting the rapper's death.

  • Were there any legal implications for Ally Lotti's actions related to Juice WRLD's personal items?

There is no information on legal implications.

  • What is the background of Ally Lotti's previous controversies involving Juice WRLD?

Ally Lotti previously faced controversy for attempting to sell Juice WRLD's personal belongings and was accused of manipulating him before his tragic death in 2019.

  • How did Ally Lotti respond to potential threats regarding the leaked content on her OnlyFans?

Ally Lotti responded defiantly, stating she would leak the content herself and add more explicit material.

  • Were there any consequences or backlash from Juice WRLD's fanbase or the public?

The public backlash was significant, with fans expressing outrage over what they perceived as exploiting Juice WRLD's death.

  • What is the status of Juice WRLD's estate and how are these controversies impacting it?

There is no specific information on the current status of Juice WRLD's estate in relation to these controversies.

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